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Welcome to During 2016 &17 I have managed to add some additional Classic Liners and other ships to ssMaritime, as well as managing to updated a good number of my earlier features, for believe me some of them really needed a good clean up, and sadly there are many more that need it, but I am no longer able! Now for health reasons, sadly I am forced to conclude my work! Therefore, I will now only occasionally add to this page a “Company” or “Ship of the Month” which is already online, but sadly I will no further add any new ships now as I have done for well this for over 26 years. In addition, due to the flood of emails that arrive daily, I will no longer be able to answer all emails as most will be taken care of by mt friend ans carer, and I am sorry, but most will receive a pre-written reply, but some with a specific worthwhile question may receive an answer. But not if it is regarding passenger or crew lists, including sailing schedules, for if I have a schedule, believe me it is already online, except for the Dutch liners MS Sibajak and the MS Oranje, of which I have every single departure!

Looking Back:

To date I have written well over 1,084 Classic Passenger Liners, Passenger-Cargo Liners, including a good number of humble Migrant ships, many of these being converted War-Time Victory Class ships, such as the type C3 & C4 Class Vessels. Some of these ships were rebuilt into rather humble Migrant Liners, whilst others became far more modern and even glamorous Migrant Liners, such as Flotta Lauro’s TSS Roma and Sydney, as well as Sitmar’s TSS Fairsky, and these ships made significant inroads into maritime history. I hope that through the pages off ssMaritime you will discover many wonderful memories, be it for those past passengers and their relatives who may have sailed on these wonderful ships, from days of old until their demise in the late 1970s. And not to forget the Cruise Ships

The author is seen aboard the MV Athena in 2011 whilst on a-

voyage from Australia to England on the classic ship built ---

in 1948 and was completely rebuilt from the hull up in 1995-

She is still sailing today as the CMC Cruises (UK) MV Astoria-

To Conclude:

I must say a very special thank you, to all ship lovers from around the world, for I have been astounded that there have been so many of you reading ssMaritime; in fact this site has now almost reached over 520.2 million readers to date from when my first site came online 25 years ago, and that, dear friends simply blows my mind! Please remember, that my sites have always remained 100% non-commercial, for my purpose has been to provide wonderful and hopefully joyful memories to all past passengers from around the world, and those who really love passenger lines and older cruise ships! Be assured, it has been a great joy for me to present these many classic ships, which I have been able to write about for so many years, therefore, enjoy the memories!

Below area number of my last brand new features and updated ones, as well as the “Ship of the Month.”

ssMaritime’s Main Index is located just Below & also at the Bottom of the Page, be assured that you will discover a “Ship lover’s delight” with so many great ships, both Liners, Migrant Ships as well as Passenger-Cargo Liners and all of these will have you reading and returning for a long to come!

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Please Note: March 30, 2018 NEWS UPDATE

“Hotel QE2 Dubai” finally becomes a Reality!


“Hotel QE2 Dubai” at Port Rashid is seen with a grand city backdrop - Due to Open late April

Reuben Goossens - Retired!

Maritime Historian, Commenced in the Passenger Shipping & Cruise Industry in 1960.





Ships of the Month

Two Features Covering Three Great Spanish Ships

“Ybarra Lines” Final Two Major Passenger Liners

M.S. Cabo San Roque & M.S. Cabo San Vicente


A painting of the M.S. Cabo San Roque

Welcome to this new feature of the elegant 14.500 GRT twin sisters; M.S. Cabo San Roque and Cabo San Vicente were built at a Spanish Naval Yard in Bilbao, Spain and were completed in 1957 & 1959 respectively. These two beautifully designed liners became Ybarra Lines very last major passenger ships that had been sailing on the Europe to South America since 1932, as well as cruises later during their career, which included their well known “Midnight Sun Cruises” to Antarctica and the Falkland Islands during the summers of 1973 to 1975.

Here we see one of the perfectly designed Ybarra Liners at sea


Enter here for all about the ~ Cabo San Roque & Cabo San Vicente



Spanish “Aznar Line”

M.S. Monte Ulia

1952, sold in 1976


The M.S. Monte Ulia is see her in this fine aerial photograph

I am delighted to feature another Spanish ship, the delightfully sleek passenger-cargo (combination) liner that dates from 1952, and was owned and operated by the Spanish “Aznar Line”. She was the third of a series of “Monasterio” or “Monte” Class ships, but the M.S Monte Ulia was without a doubt the ultimate and the finest designed of the “Monte” series. Sadly Spanish ships are very much neglected by many maritime historians written, yet I am delighted to have covered a good number of Spanish liners to date, and this fine ship is certainly a worthy addition; Enjoy!

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A Fully Updated Feature with 2 New Pages Added

Flags of the Netherlands & Royal Rotterdam Lloyd

August 2017: In mid July, I received a wonderful story from a daughter, who was born in Australia, but her Mum, Father and Baby brother sailed on the M.S. Sibajak from Rotterdam on May 17, 1958. If you have read Page Three, you will have noted that I also sailed on this very same voyage, and was bound for Wellington New Zealand, whilst Family Salden-Van Mulken was heading to Melbourne Australia. Of course the story regarding my voyage can be found on the Sibajak Index on Page Three.

This is a delightfully written and a comprehensive story regarding the family departing their hometown down the south east of Holland travelling by bus to Rotterdam, and then comes a comprehensive description of the voyage, with personal photographs of the families’ voyage to Melbourne.

Family photographs taken out on Deck and during the Crossing the Equator Ceremony

The story of the voyage was written, by (the now late) Mrs. Mia Van Mulken, and it is a beautifully told story that includes all of the ports of call. She brings the voyage back to life with her remarkable descriptions. Included are full colour brochures in Dutch, which can be enlarged, as well as a four-page Royal Rotterdam Lloyd Instruction letter re their voyage, etc, this letter is located on Part Two, which has yet another brochure and some further photographs.

An aerial photograph of the M.S. Sibajak seen at Sea sailing at full speed bound for Australia

For interest, I have also updated all the other M.S. Sibajak pages to make them suitable for Google Chrome and some other search engines, but if you have problems, just head for good old Google!


I trust that the above new and updated features above will be greatly enjoyed as they it has many new and/or larger photographs; in addition I have added new details to some of its and added additional details where applicable!

Reuben Goossens.


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