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Also Note: The email service to ssMaritime is sadly no longer available, due to the author’s old age and chronic illness as well as being disabled, etc. In the past ssMaritime received a huge number of emails each day, but the author can no longer handle this massive task. He sincerely regrets this.


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My thoughts on Covid-19 & that evil Delta Strain:

Welcome to There is no doubt that 2020/21 has proven to be a tragic time throughout the world, due to the sudden arrival of COVID-19 and now with that evil even more dangerous “Delta Strain”. Around the globe Covid continues to create havoc and due to this, and as we well know cruising around the world came to much of a complete halt, with some companies having been forced to go into administration and closing down, or those who have survived were sadly forced to sell some of their fine ships to new owners, or to the breakers, which was tragic! I certainly wish cruise companies well and hope they will survive this evil time, but with the ongoing conditions with COVID-19 and that even worse Delta Strain flaring up all over again in certain parts of the world and here in Australia it has caused a great deal of problems.

Even though some cruise ships are back in service in some sections of the globe, but PLEASE be very, very careful, for it could be still too dangerous, and sadly I would not recommend a cruise whilst that Delta virus is still around and considering that shipboard air-conditioning systems allow air to be shared between cabins, that is dangerous! I hope that the companies have spent time correcting this huge problem. If not, sadly I will never cruise again!

Australia and New Zealand seemed to have outshone most of the world, when it came to managing Covid-19, but at the moment in our largest city Sydney and much of the State of NSW is in real strife, and sadly the biggest problems has been due to the State’s Premier Gladys Berejiklian having completely messed up by not going into a “Lock Down” immediately, and allowing people to travel out of the Covid areas and these idiots then infected people in other States. Stupid errors were made by this incompetent Premier who unlike every other State was unable to do her job correctly, and countless thousands have Covid Delta in NSW, as well as hundreds of poor souls having died! Another problem, thanks to our useless Prime Minister, is the very poor isolation premises that are in large hotels but it is there that so many actually get ill due to the poor air-conditioning systems, in addition our Prime Minister, has complexly failed Australia and messed up obtaining sufficient vaccines to do the job. I must add that air-Conditioning in hotels allows air to travel from room to room, and it is the same on the majority of cruise ships! I would not go cruising until it is safe, and 99% of the cruise companies are doing the right thing and having laid up their ships, but sadly this has come at a massive cost to them!

Thankfully, I live in Queensland, where we have a Premier and a Government that has done an outstanding job at keeping Covid at Bay, as has several other States, and although “Scomo” our Prime Minister has been pushing opening up the country, knowing well that thousands will catch Covid and many will die, that is stupid, unless every one is vaccinated. And remember, the antivax movement hails from the Ultra Right Movement, yes I do mean the Nazis.

Please stay safe and healthy and please go and get vaccinated, do not believe the evil lies of those evil anti-vaccinations, for they are sadly completely misled as their info has come from the most evil sources as I have just told you above!

Reuben Goossens.


New Ships Located on my Files and are now Featured Online

Recently, whilst checking I discovered that there were seven ships that I had already covered, however I was unable to locate them on the Index, or online. Thus they have now been uploaded, and these ships are three Dutch ships, 1. the S.S. Prinses Amalia of 1874, 2. the S.S. Gelria of 1913, and 3. the M.S. Colombia of 1930, as well a magnificent Scandinavian super luxury cruise ship 4. the M.Y. Stella Polaris of 1927, and two great Italian liners - 5. the S.S. Conte Grande of 1928, and 6. the S.S. Frederico C of 1958, and finally 7. the R.M.S. Monarch of Bermuda of 1931, which was sold and she became the S.S. “New Australia” and finally the Q.S.S. “Arkadia”. These seven fine ships can all be found on the ssMaritime Index.

However, featured below is the spectacular

R.M.S. Aquitania

The elegant liner R.M.S. Aquitania is seen arriving at New York whilst on her maiden voyage

Plans for the new liner commenced for the “Cunard Steamship Company Ltd” commenced early in 1910, and her design was undertaken by Cunard’s Naval Architect ‘Leonard Peskett’. He drew up plans for a larger and a faster vessel than both the “Lusitania and the “Mauretania. Plans were sent to several yards, but John Brown & Co Ltd., at Clydebank was chosen and the new four stack ship was ordered on December 8, 1910. She was laid down on June 5, 1911 in Yard 409, and she was eventually launched on April 21, 1913, the Countess of Derby. She was delivered to Cunard ion Liverpool on May 24, 1914 and on the 30th she departed on her maiden voyage to New York.

R.M.S. Aquitania at sea

But what made the “Aquitania so very special was her brilliant interiors and her magnificent exterior design gave the nickname of; “The Ship Beautiful”, and she was that indeed!

The First Class Lounge, also known as the “Palladian Lounge” was the signature venue of the ship and was located on Promenade (A) Deck and it featured a rich Baroque-style of decoration. Whilst on a lower deck of the ship, was the very first ever Swimming Pool to be placed on a Cunard liner.

The Palladian Lounge

Whilst the “Smoking Room” was entirely traditional and was called the “Carolean Smoking Room”, its décor was staggering with fine art and classic style furnishings.

A part of the Smoking Room

However Second Class also had fine Lounges, in fact they were superior to some first class venues on other liners!

Second Class Lounge complete with a centre ceiling well (out of sight) featuring a fine class dome


This is the superb Second Class Smoking Room that is also known as the “Kensington Palace Smoking Room”

Third Class had every facility, several lounges, drawing room, smoking room, a library and like the other classes a dining room.

A most pleasant Third Class Lounge

This fine ship had a long 36 year career, which saw her serve in two World Wars, as an Armed Merchant Cruiser, a Hospital Ship and finally a Troopship. This R.M.S. Aquitania feature is three pages and has countless high quality photographs, it is one of the most detailed studies of a ship I have online! Thus enjoy it!

Enter the RMS Aquitania Feature



In Conclusion - by friend & editor:

Mr. Goossens asked me to say a very special thank you, to all ship lovers from around the world, for he has been astounded that there have been so many of you reading this ssmaritime, in fact friends this site has now reached over 539.2 million readers, and that is simply beyond belief! And please remember, that all his maritime/cruise sites have always been and will remain 100% non-commercial, thus ssMaritime will continue to provide wonderful and hopefully joyful memories for past passengers from around the world, and for those who really love passenger liners and older cruise ships! Mr. Goossens said; “it has been a great joy for me to present these classic liners for the readers of ssMaritime, and it has been a joy to have been able to write for so many years having started back in the early 90’s”. Thus please go and enjoy the well over 1,365 wonderful maritime memories, and we pray that after a lifetime of sharing his love of these fine ships with you, that they will live long after he is gone, and that this site will give knowledge to future and new generations and provide wonderful memories to those who remain!

Reuben Goossens is now retired due to extreme poor health, completely disabled in addition he has poor eyesight, the very last feature he placed online was the R.M.S. Aquitania, with great difficulty.

Best wishes - K.S.


Over the years Reuben has received thousands of Dear Mr. Goossens emails of thanks and on this page there are just some of them.



Please Note: Email service to ssMaritime, is sadly no longer available,

This is due to the author’s old age and illness as well as being disabled, etc.




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