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Also Note: The email service to ssMaritime is sadly no longer available, due to Mr. Goossens’ old age and severe chronic illnesses as well as being completely disabled, etc. since the 1990’s ssMaritime has received a large number of emails each day, but sadly Mr. Reuben Goossens can no longer handle such massive task and he sincerely regrets this.


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Please Note: In recent times a good number of ships were discovered on the system and many of these are now online:

Some time ago, whilst checking Mr. Reuben Goossens discovered a number of ships which he had already started and were either close to being completed and needed to be finished, or there was still quite some work required, and of course they were not listed on the ssmaritime Index. Thus with assistance of an computer expert and a wonderful long standing friend of Reuben, we have been able to bring these ships online for you, as I would not have been able to do this myself, due to my lack of knowledge.

Recent update: The very last of these ships, the 15th ship in-fact, is another two page feature and it is now online. This is the P&O passenger Liner and Cruise Ship, the much loved S.S. Himalaya (3) of 1949, and I am sure that you will enjoy her story and the countless photographs of her interiors and exteriors, etc. There are even images of Cricketers heading to play the Ashes in the UK, etc! Reuben worked hard on all these and it took a great deal, but we managed to get it done. The Himalaya is of course the very last ship to be added to ever, and his work is now finished. Please enjoy his lifetime commitment in bringing so many fine ships to you!

All the 15 ships have now been uploaded, and these ships include … 1. From France came one of the most amazing French liners ever, being the magnificent first ever Art Deco style S.S. Īle de France of 1927, she remained the “French Lines” most popular ship ever, in spite of their new super sized and fast liner 2. the S.S. Normandie of 1935, which was one of the greatest ships, but sadly she was their least successful ships ever. Then there were four simply delightful Dutch liners, 3. the S.S.  Prinses Amalia of 1874, 4. the S.S. Gelria of 1913, and 5. the S.S. Jan Pieterszoon Coen of 1915, and 6. the M.S. Colombia of 1930, next is the magnificent Scandinavian super luxury cruise ship 7. the M.Y. Stella Polaris of 1927, and two great Italian liners - 8. the S.S. Conte Grande of 1928, and 9. the S.S. Frederico C of 1958, 10. is the R.M.S. Monarch of Bermuda of 1931, which was sold to become the humble S.S. New Australia and finally the Q.S.S. Arkadia, 11. the amazing R.M.S. Aquitania of 1914, and she was such an amazing ship and I know you will enjoy this spectacular feature as well - but she is followed by - 12. The magnificent 31,938 GRT Cunard Liner, R.M.S. Mauretania (1) of 1906 she was considered one of the most elegant liners of her time and this feature will cover her in detail with countless photographs as well as excellent Deck Plans, etc. 13. M.V. Britannic (3) of 1930, 14. and her sister-ship the M.V. Georgic (2) of 1932, two brilliant Motor ships. 15. S.S. Himalaya (3) of 1949.

These 15 fine ships and countless other ships can all be found on the ssMaritime Index. Sadly there are now no more to come as Mr. Reuben Goossens can no longer write any longer. I have been his friend and an assistant since 1983, yet sadly I do not have much knowledge in regard to the world of shipping, but glad to assist in a small way and finish what he really had already done.

By his friend & editor.

However, featured below is the …

N.S. Savannah

The super sleek N.S. Savannah is seen arriving at Philadelphia whilst on her maiden voyage in August 1962

The world’s first ever Nuclear Passenger-Cargo Liner, the N.S. Savannah was an ultra modern, elegant and she was certainly one of the most streamlined ships built for her day, and let me be totally honest she is still as beautiful to this very day as she was on the day as she was she departed on her maiden voyage on August 20, 1962! I also feel that the Savannah had the finest passenger accommodations compared to any ship at sea at that time!

The ships Lounge


A view of her nuclear power plant

Sadly, due to sheer fear of her being an “Atomic ship” she in reality was doomed to become a failure from the beginning for she would only carry passengers in her magnificent facilities, with the sublime service, cuisine, etc, but in just around two and a half years her passengers service concluded and she commenced a freight only service that continued until 1972.

Today she has become a floating museum and she has been officially been designated a “National Historic Landmark” ad is berthed at Baltimore.

Enter the N.S. Savannah Feature



In Conclusion - by Mr Goossens’ friend & editor:

Mr. Goossens asked me to say a very special thank you, to all ship lovers from around the world, for he has been astounded that there have been so many of you reading this ssmaritime, in fact friends this site has now reached over 573.4 million readers, and that is simply beyond belief! And please remember, that all his maritime/cruise sites have always been and will remain 100% non-commercial, thus ssMaritime will continue to provide wonderful and hopefully joyful memories for past passengers from around the world, and for those who really love passenger liners and older cruise ships! Mr. Goossens said; “it has been a great joy for me to present these classic liners for the readers of ssMaritime, and it has been a joy to have been able to write for so many years having started back in the early 90’s”. Thus please go and enjoy the well over 1,435 wonderful maritime memories, and we pray that after a lifetime of sharing his love of these fine ships with you, that they will live long after he is gone, and that this site will give knowledge to future and new generations and provide wonderful memories to those who remain!

As I stated earlier Reuben Goossens is now retired due to extreme poor health, being completely disabled in addition he also has poor eyesight, the last feature he placed online was done with great difficulty, and sadly he is unable to remember which ship that was.

Best wishes - S.E.


Over the years Reuben has received thousands of Dear Mr. Goossens emails of thanks and on this page there are just some of them.


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Please Note: Email service to ssMaritime, is sadly no longer available,

This is due to the author’s old age, severe illness and being completly disabled, etc.




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