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Blue Lady


Page One - Exteriors


Photographs taken on the Blue Lady late 2006


SS Norway, ex France (Blue Lady) is seen here at high tide, however we need to understand that her bottom is sitting

firmly on the mud. During the super “Alang” high tides and with dredging it is still possible for her to be removed

I received a CD containing 154 photographs taken by a dear friend of mine whilst he boarded SS Blue Lady late 2006 and I have placed those online I found to be significant. I am sure each page will sadden us all for it is hard to see this once magnificent liner in this tragic state. All images were originally in 3072 X 2304 pixels, but I have reduced them to 550 X 413 pixels in order not to overload these pages. In addition, as conditions on board were far from ideal I had to adjusted many in order to try and make them as clear as it is possible, although not always totally successful, but I have included some anyway as they need to be seen!

We know that NCL removed many valuable items from the Norway whilst she was in Bremerhaven, but now many items have been stacked up on Promenade Deck ready to be taken off the ship as soon as she receives clearance. Cabins have been plundered and are in a mess as the photographs attest to. Although nothing has (officially) been removed from the ship to date as the court forbids removal at this time. I am sure Mr. Metha of Priya Blue is awaiting the outcome of the court and is ready to remove all items which have already been purchased on the basis if permission is granted to break here up. However, I have been told by my source that certain items may have met a magician since his last visit to the ship, if we get the drift!

PLEASE NOTE: Unless marked otherwise, all photographs on these three pages are copyright 2006/2007 and owned by Reuben Goossens of These photographs are NOT to be copied or reproduced, be it for personal or any media source. However, upon request I may be able to give permission for a specific photo. Use email address at bottom of page.

PS: Since the above I have received further photographs taken on the ship in 2007. I have included some of these on these three pages. Again, the photographer is very sensitive and wishes to keep his identity confidential and has given me full ownership and copyright over these photographs.

Sadly the ship is now well on the way to being broken up and we say Au Revoir SS France, SS Norway!

Reuben Goossens

Maritime Historian

Founder of Save a Classic Liner Campaign




Before we view this tragic Album lets remember SS France in all her glory!


The last great French Trans-Atlantic Liner - SS France

From the author’s private collection




 A view of the ex SS Norway - France from a distance, she still looks graceful from a distance


 The next three pictures were taken at low tide


 Note her list to starboard




From all angles she is still simply magnificent!


 What can we say as we look at this tragic photo?


SS France had a one of a kind signal & outlook (crows nest) mast, still looking magnificent


Forward funnel


Aft funnel


Aft funnel


Although the “Grand Dame” is sitting on the mud, it looks like she is standing tall and remains full of pride.

Let’s face it she the Norway, once the great SS France

In conclusion: From what I gather, I believe that Priya Blue is ensuring that if the court decides against them and orders the ship removed, whoever buys her will buy her in an almighty mess, and obviously Priya Blue will continue to ask an enormous price for her, for they think that Dubai, or whoever, will pay the price just to get her. Believe me, the Arabs will not be conned by Indians (this is a cultural thing) and they will simply let her go. The other group, maybe, but again, I have my doubts. Frankly, if the court orders her out of Indian waters, and she can still be moved offshore, the most likely outcome will be that she will be sold to Chinese breakers, where Greenpeace, BAN and others will have no influence whatsoever, and she will be broken up there, and that will be a tragic outcome. Will just have to hope for a miracle!



Remembering the SS Norway as she was


SS Norway seen at anchor in St Johns September 2001

Photo by and Dennis Whitehead


All photographs on this page are copyright 2007 Reuben Goossens of or as marked - they may NOT be copied and/or reproduced by any means, be it for personal or any other media. However, upon request, where possible, I may give permission to use the requested photograph/s.

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I trust you have enjoyed reading this page on this fine and much loved passenger liner. If you have sailed on her I would like to hear from you, and if you have any photographs I would greatly appreciate some, especially those of the interiors and out on deck. Email Me!

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