SS Canberra 1961 First & Tourist Class Deck Illustrations & Photographs

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SS Canberra

Photo Page One


The Early Days!

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This is a very special page containing illustrations and some photographs of the much-loved SS Canberra in her early times. It features a good deal of her fine public facilities as well as some of her accommodations as she was built in 1961.

However, there is one photograph of myself seen standing in front of the famed spiral staircase forward of the Meridian Lounge that heads up from Promenade Deck up to Games Decks to Crow’s Nest. But it should be noted, that this photograph was taken towards the end of SS Canberra’s long and great career in 1996, whilst I was enjoying my time on Canberra’s 1996 “World Voyage” to Sydney.

This is an early release of a P&O-Orient Lines released postcard of the magnificent SS Canberra

Just for interest, the Illustrations shown below were created pre completion of SS Canberra and they are relatively rare. The interior photographs I have online I sourced from P&O’s early brochures that were released in the 1961.

I am sure that you will enjoy walking down memory lane as we visit the wonderful Canberra in her very early days when she was still a two-class liner, that is very much pre her One Class Cruise Ship days!

First Class


Promenade Deck



Above & below: The Meridian Lounge



The author is seen at the famed staircase that leads from the Meridian Lounge up to the Crow’s Nest

Photograph owned Reuben Goossens & ©


Another view of the Spiral Stairwell


The Crystal Room a special event dining venue located starboard just aft of the lobby


A Deck


The Cinema used by both classes


Games Deck


The Crow’s Nest far forward on Games Deck



Above & below: The Bonito Club has a special “Sprung” Dance Floor that reduces sound for cabins below

The aft wall is made up of sliding windows and it looks out to the layered Bonito Swimming Pool



The First Class Bonito Pool, looking forward towards the Club


E Deck



Above & below: First Class - Pacific Dining Room

Note the Pacific Canoe on the forward wall





A Deluxe Suite



Above & below: All cabins have a view towards the sea, twin, three and single bedded cabins

The Court layout can be seen below



Tourist Class


Promenade Deck


Amidships is the spacious lounge the William Fawcett Room, being the largest Tourist Class Lounge


Portside just aft is the most popular Cricketers Club and Bar


Whilst directly opposite on the starboard side was the “PopIn” a popular spot for the younger set!

There was a Juke Box and non-alcoholic bar the perfect place for a drink and to dance to the latest Hits!


Please note: Located far aft was the Peacock Room and the Card Rooms


B Deck


Far aft was the Alice Springs Lounge and one of the two Tourist Class Swimming Pools


A Deck


The Lido Pool the upper of the Tourist Class Pools

The Movie Theatre was also located on this deck and was shared with First Class


Games Deck


The Island Room was another dance venue and also a popular night spot on board


Sun Deck


The spacious place to pay games beside Canberra’s famed smoke stacks


E Deck


The Tourist Dining Room was spacious, yet comfortable and served fine cuisine, just not as large a choice as in First Class




A typical inside two-berth cabin


Here we see an outside cabin that can be sold as a twin bedded, a three or a four berth cabin, as required


Items of Memorabilia


Above is one of my first souvenirs obtained aboard the SS Canberra

Purchased onboard Canberra back in the 1960s


I was given this ashtray during a later voyage, however the Canberra pin is extremely early and very rare and a gift

Form the author’s personal collection


A P&O-Orient Line postcard issued in 1961



Please Note: The SS Canberra INDEX below is still incomplete as there are many further pages to come, such as Canberra’s early interiors and her first 1961 First and Tourist Class Deck Plans. Then there are her One Class 1973 Deck Plans. In addition I have a review of my cruise on the Canberra in 1996 which is combined with an extensive photo album of the Canberra at the time, which is combined with her 1996 Deck Plan. For interest, each deck plan can be clicked and a full size plane will be revealed for better details to be seen! I expect there be at least 6 or seven pages when completed!

SS Canberra INDEX:

Page One:     Canberra in building and history 1961 to 1963.

Page One A: Canberra’s Illustrations and Photo Page of 1961.

Page One B:  Canberra 1961 Provisional Deck Plans - First & Tourist Class.

Page Two:    Canberra the Cruise ship & her Falklands days, to her end in 1997.

Page Two B: Canberra 1973 & 1996 Deck Plans - One Class.

Page A:         Four Page interiors of Canberra’s Final Cruise Log.

Page B:         The Bill of Sale of the Canberra to Pakistani breakers.



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