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Hamburg Süd Reederei

(Hamburg South America Line)


Page Four


The Other Five “Cap San” White Swans

Their story in brief


A superb MS Cap San Diego remains with us to this day as a Museum, Hotel, Tourist facility as well as being a fully operational ship

operating several day cruises each year as seen in the photograph above. However, in September 2011 she celebrates a special 50th.anniversary voyage!

Photograph provided by: Cap San Diego Betriebsgesellschaft mbH 

Page Four is all about the Cap San Diego’s five sisters, and although their history is not as well known, I personally feel that I should not disregard them for they were just as beautiful as the Cap San Diego and thus deserve at least a mention and have their general details mentioned! Although I only have the general outline of their careers, but should any of my readers have more available on these five ships, I would greatly appreciate you emailing me, my email address is found on my mainpage, the link is at the bottom of this page. I trust that you will enjoy reading about these amazing ships, for they were special indeed and considering that one of these remain afloat and fully functioning is very thrilling indeed, thus make sure whenever possible go to Hamburg and visit the Cap San Diego and spend a few nights on board, you will never regret it!

Reuben Goossens.



1: MS Cap San Nicolas - 9,839 GRT.

Please note; All Images on this page are original company’s postcards and Author’s collection

MS Cap San Nicolas sailed for Reederei Hamburg-Süd from July 15, 1961 to June 1981, when she was laid up. In August she was sold to Astro Oriental Armadora S.A., Panama, who sold her to Pakistani breakers Ahmed Investment Ltd. Renamed MS Nicola she arrived in Karachi on August 9, 1981, but she was not beached until April 11, 1982, but breaking up commenced immediately.

Specifications for all five ships!

These ships, just like the Cap San Diego had the same dimensions, although their tonnage varied slightly and each GRT is noted alongside their name.

Length:                                               522.96ft – Length of 159.40m.

Beam:                                                 70.21ft - 21.40m.

Draft:                                                  27.7ft – 8.44m.

Engines:                                              1 x 2 Stroke MAN K9Z 78/140 D - diesel engine at 11 650 hp – 8,569 kW.    

                                                          Four auxiliary KHD-engines (500 hp) with generators to supply the ship with electricity 440V/115 ac.

Screws:                                               Single.

Service speed:                                      19 knots (During trials: Max, 20.3 knots at 118 revolutions per minute).

Passengers:                                          12 First Class deluxe.

Crew:                                                  50.



2: MS Cap San Marco - 9,828 GRT (Gross Registered Tons).


MS Cap San Marco sailed for Reederei Hamburg-Süd from July 7, 1961 to April 29, 1985, when she was laid up. On April 29, 1985 she was sold to Trade Winds Shipping Ltd. (Navorient Maritime Ltd., managers) in St. Vincent. However, she quickly sold again to a Chinese breaker and renamed MS Marco Polo she arrived in Qingdao China on July 16, 1985 to be broken up.


3: MS Cap San Lorenzo - 9,849 GRT (Gross Registered Tons).



MS Cap San Lorenzo sailed for Reederei Hamburg-Süd from July, 1961 to June, 1981, when she was laid up. In August 1981 she was sold to Astro Oriental Armadora S.A., Panama, who sold her to Pakistani breakers Ahmed Investment Ltd. Renamed MS Lorenzo she arrived in Karachi on August 13, 1981 and on February 23, 1982 she was beached and breaking up commenced.


4: MS Cap San Augustin – 9,833 (Gross Registered Tons).


MS Cap San Augustin sailed for Reederei Hamburg-Süd from July 22, 1961 to February 1983. She was purchased in February 1983 by Scheepvaartmaats, Jobshaven B.V. who renamed her MS Coolhaven, and she was managed by Van Uden's Scheepvaart en Agentur Maats B.V. managers of Rotterdam. She was laid up in May 1984 but soon sold to International Shipping Lines Ltd., Valletta, who in turn resold her to Saleh Zarina Ltd., Bangladeshi breakers. Renamed MS Haven she arrived at Chittagong on September 3, 1984 and was beached just nine days later when breaking up commenced.


5: MS Cap San Antonio – 9,844 (Gross Registered Tons).


MS Cap San Antonio sailed for Reederei Hamburg-Süd from December 2, 1962 to 1982. However, in 1973 she was extensively rebuilt after a fire but she looked very much a different ship, her superstructure was by far smaller and boxier. She returned to service mostly operating as a freighter.

The rebuilt Cap San Antonio, looking nothing like the sleek “White Swan”!

She was transferred in 1982 to Hansamerica S.A. (Ybarra y Cia. S.A., managers), Panama and she was renamed MS San Antonio. She was sold in 1986 to Inlink Shipping Ltd. (Navorient Maritime Ltd., managers), St. Vincent. However, soon after she was sold to a Chinese breaker but sadly no information of her departure or arrival at her final destination is known.

Click HERE for an excellent YouTube video of the MS Cap San Diego


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Page Two                    “MS Cap San Diego - The Last of Six “Cap San” Class Liners.

Page Three                  “MS Cap San Diego - “The Museum & Hotel Ship.”

Page Four                    The other Five “Cap San” White Swans.



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