Page One                      SS France

Page Two                     SS Norway

Page Three                   SS Norway – Blue Lady

Page Four                     Norway Deck Plan

Photo                           QE2 passes the Norway

Photo                            Photographer Don Tremain presents his experience and four photographs

Photo                           Tomas-Rosales shares his photographs of the Norway in Miami

Photo                           Michael and Lee Ann Pavlick honeymoon cruise in 2002

Photo                            Norway in BremerhavenPage Two

Photo                           Norway Departs Bremerhaven 23 May 2005

Photo                           A series of photographs of SS Blue Lady in Alang

Story                             Pauli Dangerousli describes his 1997 cruise on the SS Norway

Story                            “The Ship that Saved my Life” – The Karl Henrik Henriksen Story (2 pages)

Article                          “Surreal times on the SS France” by Patrick Jackson

Brochure                       This inaugural SS Norway brochure (1980) was provided by Mr. Michael &

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