M.Y. Stella Polaris 1926 of the “Bergen Line” & Clipper Line”

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Page Three

Deck Plans and General Specifications

This Three Page feature covers one of the most famous and intimate luxury cruise ships, which was known as being more of “A glamorous Royal Yacht”. I will extensively cover the graceful Motor Yacht Stella Polaris’ history from construction to her final days. However, if you have arrived to this page via a search engine, please first visit “Stella Polaris” Page One.

Deck Plans:

A Bergen Steamship Company Deck Plans


A Deck Plan from the 1930's

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A 1951 Deck Plan with a Swimming Pool installed


Her final Deck Plan after her 1954 refit


The refitted Clipper Line M.V. Stella Polaris is seen during a cruise of the Norwegian Fordland’s



General Specifications

Names:                             Stella Polaris - 1927-1969.

.                                      Scandinavia - 1969–2006.

Ordered:                           Contract for Stella Polaris was signed on August 4, 1925.

Built by:                            Ab Götaverken”, Gothenburg, Sweden 1927.

Yard N°:                            400.

Launched Named:               September 11, 1926.

Sea Trails:                         February 20, 1927.

Maiden Voyage:                  February 26, 1927.

Call signs:                         LGCF / LCYZ.

Shipping companies:           Bergen Steamship Company - 1927-1951.

.                                      Clipper Line - 1951-1969.

.                                      International House Co. Ltd - 1969-2006.

Registered:                        Norway - 1927-1943.

.                                      Germany - 1943-1945.

.                                      Norway - 1945-1951.

.                                      Sweden - 1951-1969.

.                                      Japan - 1969.

.                                      1969-2006 (registered as a building).

Technical data:

Hull:                                 Steel - Clipper Bow.

Length:                             127.1 m - 360.5 ft.

Width:                              15.54 m - 50.5 ft.

Draft:                               7.92 m - 29.26 ft.

Machinery:                        Two 8-cylender, Burmeister & Wain diesels by Götaverken.

Power:                              5,200 SHP.

Speed:                              17.5 knots.

Tonnage:                          5,208 GRT, 2,599 NET, 1,800 DWT.

Passengers:                       200.

.                                      100 during World (Circumnavigation) Cruises.

.                                      165 after rebuilding in 1954.

Crew:                               130.

Status:                             Sunk in 2006.


Remembering the Magnificent - M.Y. Stella Polaris


 An artist’s impression of her under the Swedish flag during her early days with the Clipper Line


MY Stella Polaris Index:

Page One:            With the “Bergen Steamship Company” from 1927 to 1951


Page Two:            With the “Clipper Line” from 1951 to 1969 & Under Japanese control.


Page Three:         Deck Plans & General Specifications.



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