Canadian  Pacific Rail’s T.E.V. Princess Patricia II and her sister the Princess Marguerite II of 1949


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It you have reached this page via the search engine the extensive history of the delightful T.E.V. Princess Patricia can be found on Page One. This page contains her Photo Page and Deck Plan as a cruise ship!

If you wish to read her complete history, with many photographs on Page One first, go to the bottom of this page and use the Link to Page One.

Photo Album:

This album presents images from a brochure, which is part of the author’s private maritime collection and it reveals the Princess Patricia’s interiors, as well as her decks, etc, which had not changed since her refit into a cruise ship back in 1963. The only new addition was the installation of air-conditioning and a swimming pool which was added for what became the Princess Cruises charter in 1965.

The Front and Back covers of CP’s Alaska cruise brochure for 1976


1976 CP’s Alaska cruise brochure CP’s Alaska cruise brochure’s inside cover


T.E.V. Princess Patricia is seen with her final livery


Here she is seen cruising Alaska


A bar scene on board the Princess Patricia


The Bar and out on deck and the Draughts and Chess Board


Passengers enjoying a game of cards in the Card Room


Passengers enjoying a fine meal in the Restaurant


Like any good cruise ship there is always an excellent “Midnight Buffet”


A deluxe twin bedded Stateroom


Another popular game was always Shuffle Board


Table Tennis was just one more of the sports activities on board


Passengers on the top deck watching an arrival in another port


Deck Plan - This is a small version, a Large version can be viewed by clicking this LINK or the Plan below itself

When the large Plan opens, it may reduce in size, just one click will return it to its full size!!


The Princess Patricia is seen in Alaskan waters

The majority of times, it would be the ever popular Captain George Black who would be in command of the T.E.V. Princess Patricia” whilst she was on her Alaskan Cruises.


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