Grace Lines - SS Santa Rosa of 1958 - In 1991 rebuit to be come Regent Rainbow, sold in 1995 renamed SS Emerald, broken up in 2012

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With Reuben Goossens

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Commenced in the Passenger Shipping Industry in 1960


The magnificent Emerald has been sadly broken up, such a suburb ship, but we will long remember Her!

This is a special photo page of this remarkable classic cruise ship that was built as the famed American liner SS Santa Rosa that had been launched on August 28, 1957, completed and departed on her maiden voyage on June 12, 1958. She and her slightly newer sister Santa Paula were built as luxury passenger-cargo ships and were all first class liners, operating between New York and Central America as well as operating Caribbean cruises.

Luxurious Grace Lines, SS Santa Rosa is seen here as built, arriving back in New York in June 1958 from her maiden voyage

In 1990/91 this great ship been sold and had was completely rebuilt in Greece into an impressive looking cruise ship that saw her external appearance dramatically change from a traditional looking liner into a very modern cruise ship. She was renamed Regent Rainbow and was placed under the management of Regency Cruises, 1995 Regency was declared bankrupt and she was sold to Louis Cruises and renamed The Emerald. Under both names she had become the darling of countless cruise lovers, especially by the British public and she sailed successfully for many years!

The Emerald is seen here at Mallorca in 1998, whilst under charter to Thompson Cruises

Photograph by & ? Hans-J?rgen-Amberg

However, with SOLAS 2010 on the horizon it may well be possible that her end is near and in 2010 she was laid by Louis Cruises at Eleusis Bay in Greece. As the president of the “Save The Classic Liners Campaign” it was my hope that she would be obtained and turned into a superb boutique hotel or some other positive possibility for she is a superb condition throughout, but obviously that did NOT eventuate!

However, in memory of what was one a great American liner, I will present on this page photographs of the Emerald, being the Grace Lines SS Santa Rosa in 1958. Enjoy!

The Emerald Photo Album


The sleek looking Emerald seen whilst under charter to British Thompson Cruises




The Main Lobby and Reception


Another view of the Reception Desk


Above and below: The Regency Show lounge




Monte Carlo Casino Lounge & Bar is one of the largest afloat


The elegant Chanterelle Restaurant on Promenade Deck


Le Bistro Buffet up on Deck 7


Le Bistro Buffet is located Upper Deck (7), whilst the massive Starlight Lounge is located on deck 8 and may be reached via the stairs


Here is a better view of the fine stairwell and the grand lighting system that adorns the ceiling


The Emerald is seen here at Corfu in 2008 – Aft of her is the Costa Classica

Photograph by & ? Hans-J?rgen-Amberg




Outside twin with two windows


Twin bedded room with portholes


Twin bedded room with windows



Outside double with portholes


An inside double bedded cabin


The cheapest inside twin bedded cabin


Deck Plan

Below you will find the full deck plan of the “Emerald” revealing all the main features on each deck.

Deck 8 – Bridge Deck … The Sky Room, Discotheque, Starlight lounge, and whirlpools.

Deck 7 - Upper DeckLe Bistro for a delicious buffet, Lido pool bar and swimming pool. Also Cabins.

Deck 6 - Boat DeckCabin deck.

Deck 5 - Promenade DeckYacht Club lounge-bar, Royal Casino lounge, Monte Carlo Court/Lounge, Chanterelle Restaurant, Regency Showroom, boutiques, library.

- Allegro

Deck 4 – Allegro Deck … Main Lobby and Reception – Cabin deck.

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Deck 3 – Bolero Deck … Beauty Salon - Cabin Deck.

Deck 2 – Concerto Deck … Cabin deck.

Deck 1 – Dolorado Deck … Cabin deck, and …

Deck 0 - Exercise DeckFitness centre, Massage room, Sauna, Children's Club and Medical Centre.


The Emerald is seen here still in her Thompson Cruises livery when operating for the British market, where she was a huge success!


Her bow is simply stunning – She is seen at Piraeus in 2009

Photograph by & ? Hans-J?rgen-Amberg


Lido Deck and the ships Pool on Deck 7


Lido Bar pool


The Emerald seen in port in 2009 and seen under her owner’s livery - Louis Cruise Lines


The Emerald is seen at lay up in Eleusis Bay, but as can be seen, whilst she remained there she was perfectly maintained!

This delightfully modern cruise ship that was originally a famous luxury classic liner, the SS Santa Rosa, the Emerald remained in service until 2010, but then she was laid up and placed on the market. She would have been the perfect ship to be converted into a floating hotel or for an enterprising company, even an updated cruise ship as she was still SOLAS compliant. But sadly there was no one to take up the opportunity to make further use of her, and thus she was sold in August 2012 to be broken up at Alang India! Having arrived she was beached and breaking up commenced late in 2012.

We will remember this wonderful ex Grace Liner, which has given us a remarkable 55 years of joy and great service!


For many, this wonderful painting will invoke so many wonderful memories of what

was indeed a great ship be it the SS Santa Rosa or for that matter the SS Emerald!


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