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M/S Philippines

Previous names: MS Asian Princess, President, Philippines, Ocean King, Great Sea, Augustus 


Page Five

The final Photo Album


This is one of the best photographs of the once great ex Italian liner languishing in Manila

The closing chapter to the MS Augustus / Philippines.

As we will have read on Page Four, this once great liner has had a troublesome life since being sold to Asian interests back in 1976 and she never worked full time taking passengers from one place to another ever again. Only occasionally was she reactivated for a short few voyages, but these never lasted mote than one or two round voyages and she remained laid up for most of her time in a variety of port. At times there were ideas of turning her into a cruise ship, but none of these were ever fulfilled. She has a stint in Manila as a hotel and the first time she failed miserably, but later she was taken back there and became a floating restaurant, come nightclub and successful in part, but soon she began operating as an overflow hotel for the Manila Hotel. She was reasonably well maintained, especially the areas where the guests would wander and her accommodations and public facilities. However, sadly her engines were totally neglected and they simply froze and are now totally dead! Other areas also are in a bad shape and she has many areas that are in a poor state, but these are regions that have been out of sight. He owner has obviously had little respect for this great liner and although he has been attempting to sell this ship for many years, he has been demanding an impossible price of US$19 to $20 million for her, considering that the superb, and in far superior condition ex TSS Empress of Britain, the SS Topaz was sold for just US$6 million, and remember her engines were fully operational to the end as she was superbly maintained by her owner PeaceBoat

The photographs below were all provided to me by a broker quite some time ago whilst she was on the market. I am aware that they are not the best images, but it provides an overall view of her during her latter days. Of course we are now well aware that her owner has sold her for next to nothing to an undisclosed buyer, who has taken her under tow and she is bound for Alang India and she is due to be sold to one of the breakers there. However, the first tug did break down and she had to be placed at anchor somewhere near Colombo and a second tug would take her further. See the updates at the bottom of the page for the latest news.

The Bridge


Boat Deck


The original First Class pool


First Class pool and the famous “robot” ventilator


Promenade Deck


The Coffee Shop


The Auditorium was one the superb Social Hall - the ceiling still gives it away!


The First Class dining room


The 1964 merged Cabin/Tourist Class dining rooms


Tourist Class pool


Engine room - FIAT Engines


Engine room


An original First Class twin bedded cabin as used for the hotel


M/S Philippines seen in 2010

Unknown photographer - *See photo notes at bottom of page.

Final Updates:

1 … Sept 18, 2011: It is with great sadness that I announce that the M/S Philippines, ex MS Augustus has been sold for scrap and last week she departed Manila for Alang India, even though there bis a current party interested in buying her?

2 … Update Sept 29: I have been advised that the tug that was towing the M/S Philippines on behalf of a cash buyer, a in between company obviously and not an Indian breaker as yet, broke down and she is currently awaiting another tug to tow her to Alang. Only when she arrives at Alang will the breakers bid for her. However, we do have several interested parties at hand, but like always, unless they have a solid and a viable preservation plan as well as a big bank account and guaranteed financial backing, but more importantly a berth, for withy the poor condition of her engines and her general poor state of heath, she will most likely never sail again, without a berth, there is no hope! Thus, any last minute reprieves must have a very strong case for us to do something and achieve her salvation, but you know how tough it is at this stage, it usually ends up in disaster, for I have to be honest here! My greatest regret is that the “Italian Group” has been writing me for years and they have been procrastinating on and off, even though they did have a good plan nothing has come from it. Today I again received yet another email and I replied rather strongly, for they should have acted long ago as this ship should be in her home country as I have always believed, but they just mess around and all I get is talk and no action! Now she is all too close to being broken up! For me it sounds very much like one of Verdi’s Italian Operas slowly playing itself out!

3 … September 30: Apparently M/S Philippines has just passed Colombo and is about eight days away from Alang India. Her current owner is happy to sell her and is asking around US$10 million for her. This is our last chance. However, we need to understand that her ex owner in Manila has greatly stripped the ship of her art and furnishings, according to what I have heard from certain reliable source, and this should be kept in mind.


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