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With Reuben Goossens

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Cogedar Line

MS Aurelia - Photo Page

Previous names: Huascaran, Beaverbrae – Later named: Romanza, Romantica


MS Aurelia is seen during her later days as a Cogedar liner


Photographs on these pages are from the author’s private collection, unless otherwise stated!

The interior and deck images on this page, except for the one above and at the very bottom of the ship itself, were provided by Mr. Stan Evans from Newcastle Australia, who scanned them from a brochure. I am most grateful to him for providing these to me, for it provides a far better insight to this remarkable ship. Stan Evans is a staunch supporter of ssMaritime and has contributed to many of its pages and provided countless images and photographs that he has personally taken. Thank you once again Stan!

However at the bottom of the page there are a number of black & White photographs taken by the Author when I sailed on her in 1965.

Far forward on Promenade Deck is the Main Hall


This is the main ballroom and entertainment venue, the Riviera Lounge


The intimate yet colourful Smoking Room


The reading and writing room


The ever popular Portofino Bar, a place this author spent quite some time with then

friend Miss Diana Lee who was a well know New Zealand & Australia pop star!



The Cinema


Main Dining Room


Lido Pool with slippery slide, located aft


Sports Deck, with the entrance to the Lido pool slippery slide


Forward, but below the bridge was the Solarium deck and children’s pool


An inside two bedded cabin


An outside two berth cabin with a sofa, suitable as a child’s berth


A typical of the original four berth cabins, although there were many of newer cabins

which were all white and rather bland to say the least!


Topside and the ships funnel


MS Aurelia seen arriving in port from another voyage

Photographer unknown - *Please see photo notes at bottom of page


Photographs Taken by the Author during a Voyage in 1965



MS Aurelia’s gangplank - I travelled in a humble inside 4BC, berth A, the lower berth on the left, although I had paid for a much higher grade for the voyage from Rotterdam to Melbourne


A corner of the Dining Room, I sat on the chair closest to the camera on the table next to the old steamer picture



Two views taken from the aft portside wing looking forward providing a great view of the ship as she gently pitched and rolled



Left: Here we see the portside Promenade Deck looking forward on a day with some very rough seas

Right: Overlooking the partially covered Solarium Deck that also has a Children’s pool


The ships Radar Mast and Funnel, her flags clearly show that we are arriving in Australia

Sydney in fact, although I am continuing to Melbourne



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Page Three:                MS Aurelia - Photo Page.

Page Four:                  Jacoba Ris-Török Story.

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“Blue Water Liners sailing to the distant shores.
I watched them come, I watched them go and I watched them die.”



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Photographs on ssmaritime and associate pages are either by the author or from the author’s private collection. In addition there are some images and photographs that have been provided by Shipping Companies or private photographers or collectors. Credit is given to all contributors, however, there are some photographs provided to me without details regarding the photographer or owner concerned. Therefore, I hereby invite if owners of these images would be so kind to make them-selves known to me (my email address can be found at the bottom of the page on, in order that due credit may be given.

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