S.S. Eugenio C & Big Red Boat II

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With Reuben Goossens

Maritime Historian, Cruise‘n’Ship Reviewer & Author

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Photographs on these pages are from the author’s private collection, unless otherwise stated


Photo Album


A selection of Photographs & Post Cards


Linea C postcard of Eugenio C


 Linea C postcard of EugenioCosta. The Cogedar Liner SS Flavia is seen behind her


 An aerial view of this fine ship


The following two photo’s were kindly provided by Mr. Federico Di Girolamo - Argentina


Mr. Federico Di Girolamo seen with his children, whilst travelling from Genoa to Buenos Aires

Photo taken 11 March, 1995


Mr. Federico Di Girolamo is seated in front of a tapestry featuring the Eugenio C

onboard Costa Romantica in the Boticchelli Restaurant

Photograph taken on 15 February, 2006  


SS Edinburgh Castle


 Above and below, two fine images of the Edinburgh Castle



SS Big Red Boat II


The Big Red Boat II


2. The following set of photographs was taken during her lay-up in Freeport and was provided to the author by MTC (Marine Transportation Consultants) Ship Brokers.


A series of photographs taken during her lay-up in Freeport


Boat Deck


Lido deck and Pool




 Lounge Bar




 Dining Room




Promenade Deck 


The Big Red Boat II arrives in New York City


She became a sad sight as she was badly neglected whilst laid up in Freeport


 SS The Big Red bunkering in the Azores on April 15

(Photo © 2005 www.shipinfo.org.uk)


SS Big Red ex Big Red Boat II, Edinburgh Castle, Eugenio Costa, Eugenio C, arrived at Alang on Sunday 5 June to be broken up.


This is the way we would like to remember her, as a glamorous white Italian liner, the magnificent SS Eugenio C


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Page Two        Photo Album.


Page Three      Big Red Boat II – Photo album - laid up in Freeport by Klaas Krijnen.


Page One         The S.S. Frederico C of 1958.



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