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Shaw Savill Line

Q.S.M.V.  Dominion Monarch

Q.S.M.V = “Quadruple Screw Motor Vessel”


The Largest Liner of its Kind ever to be Built

Page Three - Memorabilia Feature


Here we see the partial black and white version of an artist impression of what was a colour version

Thank You to the Contributors!

This page has a wonderful collection of QSMV Dominion Monarch items of memorabilia, all of which has kindly been sent in by those who have either sailed on her, or the parents, as well as a crewmember. I hereby wish to thank Ken Goles, Lynne Hector, John Kelk and Dianne Morris for their kind contribution to this page, for be assured that so many ship lovers, especially who so dearly admire this great liner will enjoy seeing these items!

Playing Cards:

The following four images hereunder are a double pack of playing cards. These were kindly provided by Mr Ken Goles. Playing cards were given to all passengers and were these were beautifully presented in a brass like tin containing the two decks of cards.


Lid of the card container



Outer pack is blue on white and are still sealed

The cards show the Dominion Monarch at Cape Town



Bottom view of both packs show Shaw Savill’s world map


Second set of playing cards shows the Shaw Savill flag travelling around the globe

I wish to thank Mr. Coles for allowing us to use the card images that are seen above!



A Beautiful Napkin Ring:

This was sent to me by yet another supporter, whose parents sailed on this great lady post War

Provided by Helen Cohen, nee Rosenblum

Pewter Mug:

A beautiful pewter mug obtained from on board the QSMV Dominion Monarch

Photographs above & below were kindly provided by Gordon Driver


The Shaw Savill Logo from the front of the pewter mug

Gordon’s father gave the pewter mug to him when he was a child and Gordon told me that “his father would have taken the Dominion Monarch to England from Cape Town when he was in his 20's.” He looked the ship up and found it on ssMaritime, as most discover the ships people are searching for! Thank you Gordon.

A Menu behind a Mantelpiece?

On September 12, 2008, I received an email from Lynne Hector in New Zealand, who advised me the following: “We have recently removed a mantelpiece in our lounge and found behind it a menu to a Children's Tea Party on the Dominion Monarch on Thursday, 9th February 1950. It is quite damaged i.e. half the back page is missing.” Lynne wondered if I would be interested in having it, and of course I certainly was. I am delighted to present this long hidden treasure below. Remember this was obviously a lost item from a previous owner of the house and stuck behind this mantelpiece possibly for a good 50 years or so. Thus it was a wonderful find, that here we still have at least 80% of this menu 58 years after it was printed on board the great all first class Dominion Monarch!

 The front cover of Children’s Tea Party Menu - February 9, 1950


 Can I have an Éclair please?

Thank Lynne Hector for so kindly sending the actual menu!



John’s Various Items:

John Kelk was a Bellboy on the Dominion Monarch’s from February to September 1958 and his story appears on page one. He provided the front cover of the Information Booklet and a set of menus!

 Front cover of the Information booklet


Landfall Dinner – Menu Cover – June 4, 1958 


 The Menu prior to a Sydney arrival


 Back page for more autographs


The Home Voyage to the UK


 Mad Hatters Dinner - Menu cover - June 12, 1958



Autograph page

Items from her Final Months of Service:

In early September 2011 I received an email from Dianne Morris, who wrote: “On Monday 19 September 1961 my family celebrates the 50th anniversary of our arrival in New Zealand on board the Dominion Monarch from Cape Town. In preparation for our celebrations we came across the attached Race Meeting Programme and the Landfall Menu, which I thought you might be interested in. Thank you for your website, it's been fabulous to find all the information you have there.”

Race Page Cover dated September 1, 1961


Interiors of the race guide


Dominion Monarch’s “Landfall Dinner” September 8, 1961 - pre arrival in Melbourne or Sydney?


Inside left page, used for autographs


Inside right hand side – featuring a wonderful Dinner Menu





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