M.S. Johan van Oldenbarnevelt, became the T.S.M.S. Lakonia in 1963

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With Reuben Goossens

Maritime Historian, Author, Cruise‘n’Ship Reviewer and Maritime Lecturer

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?“Memories of the JVO

MS Johan van Oldenbarnevelt


JVO Main Index

Please Note: Chapters with an * were recently updated

* Chapter 1 (Part One)?? The New Pride of the Netherlands. Her being built and interiors, from Bridge to C Deck.midships. Swiss Replica Watches

* Chapter 1 (Part Two)? The New Pride of the Netherlands. Interiors from C Deck to F Deck.

?? Chapter 2????????????????? JVO the Trooper. Photographs and details of a number of voyages.

?? Chapter 3????????????????? Trooping & Repatriates Services. Including; the Dutch soldier’s, Pieter Willem Goldhoorn story!

* Chapter 4????????????????? New Lease of Life. Reborn as a Passenger Liner!

* Chapter 5????????????????? JVO the Cruise Ship. The Author cruises on the JVO in Dec/Jan 1961/62.

* Chapter 6????????????????? Goodbye JVO.

?? Chapter 7????????????????? Cruise Ship TSMS Lakonia.

* Chapter 8????????????????? Lakonia's Final Voyage.

?? Chapter 9????????????????? The End is Near.

?? Chapter 10??????????????? Conclusion.

Passenger stories

?? Page One????????????????? Boelen Family - The night the JVO almost went down.

?? Page Two????????????????? William Hamlyn - 1945 Royal Signalman’s voyage home from wartime duties.

?? Page Three ?????????????? Laszlo Pal - A Voyage to Canada.

???? Page Four????????????????? Harold Heasman - His service on the JVO from March 1942 to August 1943.

* Running Mates

?? Also Read:??????????????? MS Oranje / Angelina Lauro - Netherland Line.

????? . ???????????????????????? MS Sibajak - Royal Rotterdam Lloyd.

?? .??????? ???????????????????? MS Willem Ruys / Achille Lauro - Royal Rotterdam Lloyd.


m.s. Johan van Oldenbarnevelt is seen departing Wellington on

her final departure from New Zealand on January 30, 1963

Photograph taken by & ? by the author, Reuben Goossens



?“Blue Water Liners sailing to the distant shores.
I watched them come, I watched them go and I watched them die.”


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