M.S. Kota Singapura & Kota Bali previously the - M.S. Tjiwangi & Tjiluwah

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M.S. Tjiwangi & Tjiluwah

Sold to become … “Pacific International Lines” (PIL)

M.S. Kota Singapura & Kota Bali


M.S. Kota Singapura still looking a fine yacht like liner

Having been purchased by ‘Pacific International Lines’ of Singapore, the Tjiluwah was delivered to her new owners in January 1972 and was renamed M.S. Kota Singapura.  Whilst the Tjiwangi was renamed M.S. Kota Bali and she arrived in Singapore some time later. Both ships were placed on the Singapore / Fremantle and Singapore / Malaysia services. Having received interior renovations, although their outward appearance remained unaltered. Two new public venues were added on C deck just aft of the main Dinning Room; 1: The Dragon Chinese Restaurant. 2. The Hibiscus Lounge and Bar.

Many Australians enjoyed cruising on them, whilst others undertook one way voyage combined with a flight to or from the UK. One such passenger was Sharon Lambert who with her family sailed on Kota Singapura from Singapore on April 9, 1972 to Fremantle. She recalls being excited of going on an ocean voyage. The ship was a delight and during the voyage she, her Mother and younger sister enjoyed the crew’s hospitality and remember with fondness Mr. Tang Hong Tay one of the ships officers. Their cabin was located on C Deck and at times sailing in heavy swells along the West Australian coast the family suffered from some seasickness.

All images on this page (except where marked otherwise) were kindly provided by Sharon and we are very grateful!

10 year old Sharon (in stripped blouse) and her 7 year old sister seen on the Bridge seen with a Bridge crew member


Sharon, sister and Tang Hong Tay seen on a windy day out on deck


Front cover of a PIL brochure



Above and below: The brochure shows the ships interiors as well as the main pool



The cabin plan shows the three main passenger deck’s. Topside there was boat (sports) deck, which is not shown



Above and below: A postcard from crew member Tang Hong Tay to Sharon




Built by:                       Van Der Giessen & Zonen. Krimpen, Netherlands.

Tonnage:                     9,020 GRT.

Length:                        479 ft – 146m.

Beam:                         63 ft – 19.2m.

Draught:                      23.7 ft – 7m.

Power:                         Werkspoor diesels.

Screws:                       two.

Speed:                         16 knots.

Passengers:                  230 One Class.

Passenger Decks:          Four.

Crew:                          200.

Livery:                         White Superstructure, Black Funnel with red boot-topping.


Although aging, Kota Singapura still looked an attractive ship

From the authors private collection

In 1979, Kota Singapura was withdrawn, sold, and broken up in Taiwan early 1980, whilst Kota Bali was sold to Malaysia and was broken up in Shanghai China in April 1984.

Kota Bali also seen towards the end of her career with PIC

From the authors private collection

I trust that you have enjoyed this article on these two remarkable small and elegant ships, and that is just what ssmaritime is all about, bringing back happy memories!

As Built the M.S. Tjiwangi and Tjiluwah will always be

remembered as the “Elegant White Yachts”

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