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SS Norway, ex France departs Bremerhaven - 23 May 2005

Although this great ship is now but a memory, having been broken up under the most controversial circumstances at Alang India, this shows her tragic departure and ultimate betrayal by NCL/Star Cruises as she left Germany for Malaysia. The company new full well that they were going to sell her to the breakers as I clearly describe below!

SS Norway was laid up in Bremerhaven in July 2003. Whilst at Bremerhaven she used as an accommodation ship for workers on the Pride of America. SS Norway finally departed Bremerhaven under tow by the Chinese tug “De Da” owned by COESS and operated in cooperation with the Dutch company Smitwijs as part of the Global Towing Alliance on Monday 23 May 2005. Star Cruises transferred the ship to their company and made a statement that she would be used in Asia. However Star Cruises had no intention of using her as they invited inspections from Bangladeshi and Indian shipbreakers. She was first sold to a Bangladeshi breaker who had to return her due to the massive outcry by Greenpeace and other re the asbestos onboard.

By dong this, Star Cruises managed to bypassed International toxic waste laws, as well as Malaysian laws having stated that the ship was 1. Going to Malaysia to be refitted and placed back into service. 2. That she departed Port Klang heading for the United Arab Emirates where she would be repaired, however, the truth was that she had already been sold to Bridgend Shipping/Haryana shipbreakers.

Our good friend, Raoul Fiebig of Das Ruderhaus was there to see the old girl depart and took a series of photographs of her departure. We are pleased to present several of these.


 Photograph 2005 by Raoul Fiebig of Das Ruderhaus


 Photograph 2005 by Raoul Fiebig of Das Ruderhaus


Photograph 2005 by Raoul Fiebig of Das Ruderhaus 


Raoul Fiebig wrote … “In an almost ridiculous scene, “Norway” left just as "Pride of America" returned from her sea trials. Both ships met right in front of me. It was like seeing ‘Beauty and the Beast.’”


“Beauty and the Beast”

SS Norway departs Bremerhaven, whilst the Pride of America returns from her trials

 Photograph 2005 by Raoul Fiebig of Das Ruderhaus




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