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With Reuben Goossens

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New Zealand Shipping Company

Page Four - Photo Album

MS Rangitoto - Rangatani (2) - Ruahine (3) - SS Remuera (2)


 MS Rangitoto

The following five postcards are of MS Rangitoto. Her and Rangitane’s interiors were much the same par a few minor differences, thus they will give you a good feel of the atmosphere on the fine liners.

Please Note: There are two new pages with colour photographs of Rangitoto and Rangitane 2. Links are on the INDEX below.

Also: Photographs are from the author’s private collection unless stated otherwise.


MS Rangitoto


 The Bar


The Lounge 


 The Drawing Room


Dancing Hall 


 A simple, but useful Cinema


 Rangitoto in Federal livery


MS Rangitane (2) 



Above and below: Two fine postcards of MS Rangitane 




The Smoking Room 


 Dinning Room


MS Ruahine


 Official postcard of MS Ruahine


MS Ruahine 


MS Remuera


Official postcard of SS Remuera


A Cunard Line Postcard of the RMS Parthia 

Below are two Cunard postcards of Parthia’s interiors. These were considerably upgraded during her refit in 1962.

 The Drawing Room


Long Gallery 


SS Remuera, ex Parthia seen as the Aramac towards the end of her days


The Conclusion



Like her sisters, MS Rangitiki was a stately liner. She and her sister Rangitata faithfully served New Zealand Shipping Company until 1962, when they were broken up. Three newer ships, Rangitoto, Rangitane (2) and the Ruahine continued on the UK / New Zealand service until 1968/69, when they were retired and sold in 1968/69. These three ships were the last new built ships for NZSC, and sadly, they were the last of their kind.

I trust that you have enjoyed rediscovering these fine ships, and should you have any photographs you would like to see on these pages, you are welcome to email them to me. All images used receive full accreditation.

Reuben Goossens.

MS Rangitoto




Page One          Rangitiki - Rangitata (2) – Rangitani (1).

Page Two         Rangitoto, Rangitane (2), Remuera (2).

Page Two-B       Ruahine (3) - The last new built liner for NZ Shipping Co.

Page Two-C       Ruahine (3) - Her final voyage Auckland to Liverpool – The John Happs story.

Page Three        Photo Album 1 Rangitiki - Rangitata (2) – Rangitani (1).

Page Four          Photo Album 2 Rangitoto, Rangitane (2), Ruahine (3) and Remuera (2). 

Page Five          Photo Album 3 Rangitoto -1947 - in Colour.

Page Six            Photo Album 4 Rangitane (2) - 1947 in Colour.



“Blue Water Liners sailing to the distant shores.
I watched them come, I watched them go and I watched them die.”


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