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With Reuben Goossens

Maritime Historian, Author, Lecturer & Cruise‘n’Ship Reviewer

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S.S. Oceanic

SS Oceanic - Home Lines (1965-1986) / StarShip Oceanic - (1986-2000) then Big Red Boat 1 - Premier Cruises (1986-2000)

Oceanic – Pullmantur Cruises (2001-2009) / Oceanic – (2009-2012) – The Oceanic – Peace Boat (2009 - 2012)


Photo Album One


Oceanic is seen departing New York

Photograph is © Copyright 2004 Theodore W. Scull - USA


This page shows Oceanic under her three owners, Home Lines, Premier Cruises and currently Pullmantur Cruises. Thereafter, we are pleased to present a series of photographs taken by Mr Michael Hipler showing her interiors as she is today, whereas Photo Album Two contains a series of photographs we have culled from an original Home Lines brochure, which I am sure will be enjoyed by all who are fascinated by this grand ocean liner!

Reuben Goossens.

Maritime Historian, Author, Lecturer & Cruise Reviewer

Home Lines:



Original Home Lines Photograph

Author’s collection

Premier Cruises:


Three Premier Lines Postcards & a Photograph (above)

Author’s collection





Pullmantur Cruises:

Author’s collection


This Photograph is © Copyright 2004 - Raoul Fiebig Das Ruderhaus

Oceanic Interiors

All Photographs below are © Copyright 2004 - Michael Hipler - Germany



Above & Below: Main Lounge & Showroom





Promenade Deck, getting ready for boat drill


The magnificent Promenade Deck – Starboard looking aft



Bar Heroes e Lejendas


Stairwell Art


Cinema, looking toward the rear


Twin Inside cabin occupied by our photographer


The Bridge


We wish to thank Mr Hipler for his kind co-operation in providing these photographs!


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For interior & exteriors Photo’s of Home Lines Oceanic


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