Flotta Lauro MS Angelina Lauro 1964/65 - Photo Album

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Flotta Lauro Lines

MS Angelina Lauro


Page Three - Photo Album


Please Note: All photographs on this page have been lifted from a Flotta Lauro brochure from my private collection. This brochure was issued in the mid sixties when she was still a two-class liner. In addition several images have been lifted from a later brochure that I have of the ship during her early cruising days. I trust that you will enjoy going down memory lane of this fine liner and cruiser ship that received a bright new modern interior. Flotta Lauro stated in this brochure that she was … “A masterpiece of modern interior design? and she certainly was, and I mean, both her interiors and her sleek exterior!

The front cover features that stunning funnel 


 As we open up, this is the inside of the cover Audemars Piguet Replica Watches


First Class


The luxurious Main Lounge and Ballroom


The Dinning Room


The Swimming Pool that had a unique Night Club with a glass sliding roof



 The Lobby and Pursers Office Rolex Replica Watches



Top: The spacious aft Decks and the pools

Bottom: A fully glass enclosed & air-conditioned Promenade Deck was very popular


 Left: Outside Twin bedded cabin - Right: The lounge of one of the luxury Suites


 Top Left: The library – Top Right: Card Room

Bottom Left: The Gym – Bottom Right: Cinema/Theatre


 Top Left: Children’s Play Room & Nursery – Top Right: Chapel

Bottom Left: Engine control room – Bottom Right: Media & Television control room


Tourist Class


A delightful Main Lounge and Bar


 The beautifully timbered Tavern


 Dinning Room


 Left: Outside Double-bedded cabin – Right: Inside Two berth cabin


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Angelina Lauro the Cruise Ship

The following photographs are from a Flotta Lauro brochure of the cruise ship Angelina Lauro. Although she retained her original funnel markings, she was marketed by Costa Lines who later chartered her outright and gave her the traditional Costa funnel, yellow with a large blue C for Costa.

Angelina Lauro in a tranquil port


Southern Cross Restaurant


Buffet out on deck


The far Aft Pool


 Trap shooting was a popular pastime at sea


 A shimmering beauty!


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Angelina Lauro under charter to Costa Lines, featuring her new funnel markings



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