Netherland Line MS Oranje 1939 to 1964

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MS Oranje

Page Six

Passenger List - Maiden Voyage August 4, 1939

A Cruise to Madeira

Dieuwertje Goedkoop, who now lives in Alicante in Spain, sent me an email in December 2009 and it read as follows:

“In 1989 I had the pleasure to visit with my father an exhibition in the ‘Scheepvaartmuseum of Amsterdam’ dedicated to the 50th birthday of M.S. Oranje.

When I was 6 months old I had the privilege of making a ten-day voyage to Madeira and the Azores from 4-14 August 1939. At this beautiful exposition I remember seeing some photographs of this cruise and even one of a cradle obviously containing my little self. I still have a passenger list in my possession, which I have enclosed, but have no photographs.

Here we see the MS Oranje in 1939 berthed in Southampton, just after the cruise

Photograph from the author’s private collection


The cover reads: “A List of Participants of the Voyage of the M.S. Oranje

To Madeira and the Azores – 4 to 14 August 1939


*The Passenger List was kindly provided by & is ? M/s Dieuwertje Goedkoop


Captain: B. A. Potjer - Cruise Director: A. Weiland



 The Goedkoop Family are listed below, on the top of the right hand side of the right page as follows:

Dieuwertje is listed as follows: “Mevr. (Mrs) Goedkoop en baby”








The First Class Lounge as seen in 1939

From the author’s private collection

I hereby wish to thank Dieuwertje Goedkoop for providing the passenger list of MS Oranje’s maiden sailing, which is an historic item indeed! IWC Replica Watches Although she has no real recollection of the actual voyage, this website has given her an insight of the ship that transported her and her family so long ago. That is exactly what is all about, reviving and reliving memories for all who have sailed on these fine liners of yesterday, including for those who are looking into the voyages from one side of the globe to another of their patents and forebears! I am most grateful for the countless emails that I receive each and every day, for most say much the same, “thank you for the memories!”

MS Oranje seen from the air

From the Author’s private collection


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Page Six:???????????? MS Orange Passenger list of her very first voyage/cruise 4 Aug 1939 Provided by

.????????????????????????? passenger Dieuwertje Goedkoop. Note: This is the ONLY Passenger List Have!


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