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Fairwind & Fairsea


Also on this page - P&O obtains Sitmar Cruises

Sitmar’s Fairland and Fairwind finally arrived in Trieste on 21 February, and 14 January 1970 respectively at the Arsenale Triestino San Marco shipyard to be completely remodelled as cruise ships, essentially for the US market. After their completion, Fairland was renamed Fairsea, and the Fairwind became elegant, sleek looking vessels for their day. Their onboard facilities were second to none for its day, being ideal ships for the fussy US cruising market.

Sitmar's two new Cruise Ships - TSS Fairwind and Fairsea

Fairsea departed the shipyard on 2 November 1971 and sailed on her first cruise in December 1971. Fair Princess’ purser, Mr John Nicoli, (Purser during the New Zealand cruise January / February 2000), sailed on Fairsea’s maiden cruise for Sitmar, with the position of “second storage master.” Fairwind departed and commenced her new life as a cruise ship two months later. Both ships were successful cruise ships, and became greatly loved by those that sailed on them over the many years.

Fairsea in Juneau 1977 (Taken by 2nd Officer Luca Ferrerio)

Fairsea’s sister ship, Fairwind at anchor (by Luca Ferrerio)

Sitmar goes P&O / Princess

In 1988 P&O Princess Cruises, purchased Sitmar. Fairsea was renamed Fair Princess and Fairwind became Dawn Princess. Fair Princess made her first visit to Australia when she called into Sydney on 10 November 1988, whilst on a Pacific cruise.

Fair Princess (photograph by Marvin Jensen)

Dawn Princess

After a successful cruising career, Dawn Princess was sold to V-Lines a Sitmar subsidiary in 1993 and was renamed Albatros. She cruised under charter to Phoenix Reisen, catering mostly for the German market. Albatros was a frequent visitor to Australia, whilst on her yearly round the world voyages. In November 2003 it was reported that she experienced machinery problems, which required a great deal of work to be done on her. Her story is continued in the last two chapters.

Visit the excellent Albatros pages by Raoul Fiebig

TSS Albatros

1995 P&O Princess Cruises decided to sell the Fair Princess as the American public considered her dated and was considered too old. She was purchased by Regency Cruises and she was to be renamed Regent Isle. However, Regency went bankrupt at the same time and Fair Princess remained with Princess Cruises. She was laid up for almost 1 year, in Los Angeles and several months in Matzatlan, Mexico. However, as fate would have it Fair Princess was about to find a new life cruising out of Australia.


A brilliant view of Dawn Princess’ aft & top decks



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Fair Princess Photo Album – Exteriors

Fair Princess Photo Album - Interiors

Fedor Shalyapin - ex Franconia / Ivernia

China Sea Discovery – ex Fair Princess / Fairsea / Fairland / Carinthia

China Sea Discovery Photo Album

China Sea Discovery Saga


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