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Photographs on this page are ? Copyright 2004 – Ian Prichard / Craig Harbers / Reuben Goossens - ssMaritime

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I am well aware that photographs on this page tell a depressing story of the final days of a superb British steamship. However, I have placed them online, for I believe that it will bring some closure, especially after our long battle to save her. I wish to thank both Mr Ian Prichard and Craig Harbers for their excellent photographs.


Photograph 1 was taken late March, just after the OceanBreeze had been winched up onto the beach. She was being made ready for demolition.


? 2004 Ian Prichard 


? 2004 Ian Prichard 

Photograph 2 was taken on April 9, when Mr. Prichard and his brother visited Chittagong to document the final days of OceanBreeze. During their visit, they managed to board the aft section of the ship, obviously being confronted with as sad sight of what was once a magnificent ship.


? 2004 Craig Harbers


Photograph 3 was also taken on April 9, by Mr. Craig Harbers, who travelled with Mr Prichard to Chittagong. This photo gives a wider view of the ship and the breakers yard. Note the men in and near the shed bottom right.


? 2004 Craig Harbers 


Photograph 4 This sad view was taken onboard OceanBreeze, from an upper hallway looking forward. The funnel on the beach is not from OceanBreeze as her funnel was painted dark blue and had no white bands, see photo 1. By now (06 May), there will be little left of her. Omega Replica Watches


As photograph #1 shows Southern Cross … “did not die as a rusted hulk, but as a clean cut, fresh looking vessel. The Southern Cross finished her career going to her end as a lady!”Michael Barnes, part of the Australia “Save the Cross” team.


These photographs may not be copied by any media unless permission is asked and given



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Photographs on this page are ? copyright 2004 - Ian Prichard – Craig Harbers – ssMaritime.com

and are NOT to be copied by any media


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