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With Reuben Goossens

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Shown above is an illustration of Sitmar’s TSS Fairsea & Fairwind, which were built in 1956 as Cunard Liners, but …

when Sitmar was purchased by P&O Princess Cruises they were renamed Fair Princess & Dawn Princess respectively


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Over the years I have received unbelievable numbers of requests to add a feature on all the Sitmar Liners and Cruise Ships. Well, it has taken a very long time, but in this work, I will present a short history on each ship, together with a number of photographs. All Sitmar ships, except the SS Fairsky (4) and MV Sitmar FairMajesty were old tonnage, which were given extensive rebuilds to become either an austere or more upmarket migrant liners, some even a high quality liner, come cruise ship.

Therefore, I hope and pray that the following 29 pages will have you reliving your Sitmar experience or possibly experiences, be it sailing to or from Europe/UK to New Zealand or Australia or the America’s on a line voyage or later as a passenger on one of their many cruises!

All Sitmar ships, except the SS Fairsky (4) (became the SS Pacific Sky) and the MV Sitmar FairMajesty (currently the Pacific Pearl) were old tonnage, which were given an extensive rebuild to become either an austere or later more upmarket migrant liners, some even a high quality liner, come cruise ship.

Ships in this feature include; Castel Bianco, Castel Verde, Castel Felice, Fairsea (1), Fairsky (1), Fairwind, Fairsea (2). In 1984 Sitmar’s only new ship, named, Fairsky (4) was completed. Late in the eighties Sitmar ordered a 63,500 GRT cruise ship to be named Sitmar FairMajesty, however, whilst being built, Sitmar was taken over by P&O Princess Cruises and she was completed as the Star Princess, which later became P&O UK’s MV Arcadia, and is currently P&O Cruises Australia Pacific Pearl, and she is still and amazing ship! Two other remarkable ships were designed by Sitmar, but they were also taken over by P&O and were named Regal Princess and Crown Princess, but today they are the Pacific Dawn and Pacific Jewel respectively.

I certainly trust you will enjoy this very special 29 page feature on a company I greatly love and have sailed with countless times and I certainly hold Sitmar very dear - thus now go and read? all about … All of … the Sitmar Ships.

Reuben Goossens.

The Sitmar Liners - INDEX:

The Early Sitmar Liners

Part One …??????????? Castel Bianco & Castel Verde - Built as a Victory VC2-S-AP2 class of freighters.

?????????????????????????? Castle Bianco - The Karlsson family’s voyage.


Part Two …??????????? Castel Felice - ex SS Kenya.

?????????????????????????? Castel Felice - Cabin Plan & the Robert Brinkhuis story 1965.

?????????????????????????? Castel Felice - My 1957 voyage to Canada by W. D. Hempel.

?????????????????????????? Castel Felice - The Williams family sail to Australia in 1957.

?????????????????????????? Castel Felice - A family’s voyage to Australia - on another site!


Part Three …????????? Fairsea (1) - Built as a C3 class freighter - History Page.

?????????????????????????? Fairsea - Photo Page.

.????????????????????????? Fairsea - Menus page sent in by John Scholten.

?????????????????????????? Fairsea - Deck Plans.

?????????????????????????? Fairsea - The Strachan family migrates from the UK to Melbourne in December 1957.


Part Four …??????????? Fairsky (2) - Built as a C3 class freighter - History Page.

?????????????????????????? Fairsky - Deck Plans 1958 & 1970s.

?????????????????????????? Fairsky - Piet Mulder sails on SS Fairsky.

?????????????????????????? Fairsky - Fairsky hits a wreck out of Djakarta – The Pamela Hansen story.?????


The last Sitmar Liner and the Cruise Ships

.????????????????????????? Fairstar - Built? as the HMT Oxfordshire.

.????????????????????????? Fair Princess Story - ex Cunard & P&O/Princess ship, including “The Great Sitmar Experience.


“Blue Water Liners sailing to the distant shores. Rolex Replica
I watched them come, I watched them go and I watched them die.”



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