Netherland Line MS Willem Ruys

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Part One - MS Willem Ruys

Photo Album - Page Two Other or Tourist Class

This page features many photographs of the unique Liner Willem Ruys, which later became the ill-fated Achille Lauro.

Photographs on this page are from two different areas. 1; as built and 2; some photos may be from after she had her 1958/59 refit and exterior facelift at the Wilton-Fijenoord shipyard. This saw her decks extended far aft and had additional windows added aft of her lifeboats part of it being a Wintergarden for Tourist Class as well as a glass enclosed promenade deck! In addition her funnels were heightened. Photographs may well be from her Second and Third classes, or Tourist class after her 1959 refit!


Above & below: Two views of the Main Lounge (Social Hall) looking forward & aft




Above & below: Two views of the Verandah Caf?, the bar was located aft




Above & below: the Smoking Room and its traditional Bar



 This is the Wintergarden that was installed in 1958/59 during the ships refit and a wonderful addition indeed to Tourist Class!


The Tourist Dining Room was most pleasant and like in First Class, soft music would be played during the evening meals


A long passageway to inside and outside cabins


An outside twin bedded cabin, which can also be used as a three or a four berth cabin


The MS Willem Ruys is seen departing Wellington New Zealand for the final time in November 1964

For when she arrived home in December she was out of service and in January 1965 sold to Lauro Lines

Who rebuilt her to become the ultra modern looking MS Achille Lauro! Her story will continue in Part Two!


The MS Achille Lauro is seen in Tilbury UK

It is often said that the Achille Lauro was an unlucky ship and sadly this was indeed the case, but not when this great ship was the Dutch liner the MS Willem Ruys. Considering, her building commenced prior to the World War II and she remained on the stocks throughout the war, yet she survived all the massive bombardments in and around Rotterdam and over the harbour!

But sadly, her fortunes changed almost from the day she became the Achille Lauro for even when she was being rebuilt, a massive fire broke out, which halted her rebuilding for some time. In addition a fire also broke out on the other Dutch ship purchased, the Netherlands Lines MS Oranje that was also being rebuilt to become the MS Angelina replica watches Like the Achille Lauro, later the Angelina Lauro was also completely destroyed by fire.

A tragic fire ended the distinguished career of a grand liner that was once the MS Willem Ruys


How wonderful to remember the Willem Ruys being berthed at her regular home berth, “Lloydkade” Rotterdam in 1952



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Achille Lauro:??????? Part Two.

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