Italian Line S.S. Leonardo da Vinci 1960 - 1982

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With Reuben Goossens

Maritime Historian, Cruise‘n’Ship Reviewer, Author and Lecturer

Commenced in the Passenger Shipping & Cruise Industry in 1960



Please Note: All photographs & images are from the author’s private collection, or as mentioned otherwise


Page Two


Brochures, Menu & Photographs


The Italian Line produced a number of brochures and on this page I have four of these; the first being with artist impressions prior to their new ship, the S.S. Leonardo da Vinci entered into service in 1960.

An advanced artist impression of the S.S. Leonardo da Vinci taken from the Italian Line’s first brochure of 1958

The second is a rather special production, being more of a booklet produced especially for her maiden voyage.

The third was a special brochure for the 42-Day “Gala” Cruise departing New York on March 5, 1966 just prior her being painted all white. The fourth brochure was released by the Italian Line in December 1966, revealing the new look all white S.S. Leonardo da Vinci as well as other items of interest.

I trust you will enjoy viewing this beautiful liner as she was indeed very special indeed!

Reuben Goossens.

Maritime Historian, Author, Lecturer & Cruise‘n’Ship Reviewer.

Commenced in the Passenger Shipping & Cruise Industry in 1960.

Brochure One - late 1958:

This is a four-fold, but a double fold brochure, and it has a narrow long front cover which opens up as two pages. Thereafter, there are four pages, but I have copied some as two folds, but others due to photographs overlapping I had to mix and match somewhat and show the side pages separately.


Here we see the front cover as well as the inside opening page featuring the ship and information on her


As the four fold brochure opens, this is the left side, I call Page two


This is the right side, thus Page three


I have now opened up the double fold revealing four more pages

The page shown is located at the centre top Pages 4 & 5


Here we see the left and right hand side pages to the page shown above


We have now gone to Page 6, at the bottom and this is the left hand strip, as the next three

pages have overlapping images as you will see on the next image


Pages 6 & 7 - covering a lounge, dining room and cabins


That brings us to the simple back cover

1959 Poster:

A poster released in 1959

An American Magazine Advertisement 1960:

The copy in the advertisement below in part reads as follows …

La Cità Incantata” is Italian for …

The Enchanted City!” What better way is there to describe an Italian Line ship? Your voyage is a myriad of enchantments … a magic that means many things to many people. It is days of luxury living … sun-drenched promenades, exciting deck quoits, luncheon al fresco. It is velvet nights … filled with moods and melodies that are unforgettably Italian. You are relaxed, and tension free, gliding leisurely to the blue Mediterranean and colorful ports that begins, as your travel agent will tell you, the moment you sail to Europe aboard an Italian Line ship. For any Italian Line ship is truly an Enchanted City. (US spelling).

Booklet Two - Maiden Voyage:

This booklet was especially produced for her maiden voyage, however sadly the copy I have is in very poor shape, and therefore I will only add the colourful front and back covers and four pages from this publication. I have attempted to improve each page as much as I was able, but due to the severity of its deterioration, it was quite a task, and I am sorry I did not always succeed with every page. But at least you will see the stunning covers and the images inside, as well read some of the information the Italian Line has provided.

The T/v Leonardo da Vinci Maiden Voyage Booklet front and back covers

The Italians tended to use T/v rather that the international SS for Steam Ship


Page one located on the inside of the cover


Page two


Page three


Page four

Brochure Three - “Gala Cruise” March 5, 1966:

This is an extensive brochure covering the 42-day “Gala Cruise” departing New York on March 5, 1966, just before S.S. Leonardo da Vinci received her refit when she became an all white liner and cruise ship.

As can be seen from the map shown below, her itinerary was as follows: She departed New York on March 5, and headed for Tenerife, Lisbon, Gibraltar, Bizerte, Palermo, Istanbul, Rhodes, Alexandra, Port Said, Beirut, Haifa, Piraeus, Kotos, Budva, Naples, Genoa, Cannes, Malaga, Algeciras, Madeira, Bermuda returning to New York on April 16.


This is the March 1966 “Gala Cruise” brochure front cover. Although the brochure is rather extensive thus

forgive me, but I will only provide a few pages, as many pages are related to schedules and fares, etc.


An information page is located on Page One


And here is a map of the cruise on pages Two and Three


Page Four


Page Five

The left side reveals the spacious Lido Decks & the ships Swimming Pools PS: Later I hope to improve the copy


This is the “Gala Cruise’ brochure back cover 

Brochure Four - Post Refit Brochure, December, 1966:

This brochure is the same layout as brochure one, it is a three fold.  Then as it opens it becomes six folds, and it opens up to reveal the interior. It contains a host of actual photographs of the ships interiors, which I am sure you will enjoy!

Please note: I will not add any descriptions of the venues shown in the brochure as they are included on the brochure.

The December 1966 released brochure cover


This is the opening Front Page, being the first three folds revealing the ship and some happy passengers topside


Inside Page One, covering a further three folds - this being the left side


Page Two also three folds, being the right side


I have now opened the double fold and this is the top of the page

This is Page Three the left side, this and the following are all two folds


Going across the top, this is the centre of the page providing details re the ship


And this is the top of the page but the right hand side


Bottom of the page and the left hand side


The centre of the bottom page, New York, New York!


the bottom page and the right hand side


The Map is located on the inside fold, whilst the three photographs are located on the back cover


Menu February 1969:

Menu cover

provided by Jason Macinnes, Scotland


Menu interior

provided by Jason Macinnes, Scotland



The superbly elegant First Class Tapestry Lounge having a large tapestry on the wall


The liner’s namesake is seen here in the First Class Lobby, where he is honoured by a large hammered silver relief

portrait of Leonardo da Vinci by famed Italian artist & sculptor Renato Marino Mazzacurati (1907 - 1969)


The magnificent spacious First Class Reading room


And here is the actual elegant First Class Restaurant, featuring a wall of fine timbers and four stunning sculptures


First Class Lido Deck and Swimming Pool


 Cabin Class card & games Room


Tourist Class Lido Deck, Pool Verandah


Tourist Class Bar


Tourist Class Reading and writing Room


An Italian Line postcard of the all white S.S. Leonardo da Vinci in 1966

I trust that you have enjoyed visiting this page as it will have revealed a great deal of the ship and her interiors. However, do not forget to visit Page One for S.S. Leonardo da Vinci’s complete history, as well as Page Three for her complete Deck Plan. See the ships INDEX at the bottom of each page.

Remembering … S.S. Leonardo da Vinci

In service from 1960 to 1977



The great Trans-Atlantic Liner, S.S. Leonardo da Vinci is seen heading out to sea

This is the way genuine ship lovers prefer to see this beautiful liner with her original black hull


S.S. Leonardo da Vinci - INDEX

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Page Two             Brochures 1958 & 1966, posters, menu & various photographs. (This page).

Page Three           The ships Deck Plan. (Online soon).


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