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The new MV Atlantic Mercy

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The New Ship:

Since the launch of the MV Africa Mercy in 2007, Mercy Ships has planned for another ship to join her, a ship that will have a far greater capacity and this new ship should be added to the fleet by 2017/18.

In the planning of building of a brand new ship, which is something very new for MERCY SHIPS they are able to draw on over a good 35 years of maritime and operational experience and during a good five years of specifically studying the outcomes of the future ship in serving the people of West and Central West Africa, MERCY SHIPS have now contracted a builder for a purpose-built ship to be constructed.

This new ship has been given the “working name” of “Atlantic Mercy” and she will more than double the ability of their current 16,572 Ton ship, the MV Africa Mercy for the new ship will be able to deliver even more hope and healing, as she will significantly increase capacity-building and training potential. Thus with the two ships sailing together long into the future they will be able to provide up to three times more hope to a world that requires healing and desperately needed reconstructive surgeries!

MERCY SHIPS made an official statement as follows:

“We are thrilled to formally secure this important milestone for a project we have worked on quietly for quite some time,” says Don Stephens, Mercy Ships President and Founder. “Our goal with this second Mercy Ship is to more than double the capacity for hope and healing through life-changing surgeries provided to those with little access to specialized healthcare and to increase the partnership of training and educational support of health professionals within the developing nations our ships will continue to serve.”

The new ship represents a global collaboration as the 37,000 GRT hospital ship will be constructed by the “China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation” (CSIC) in its Tianjin Xingang Shipyard in conjunction of project management by “Stena RoRo” of Gothenburg, Sweden and construction design by “Deltamarin” of Turku, Finland. The French ship brokerage company “Barry Rogliano Salles” (BRS) was instrumental in assisting to negotiate the contract. The new ship will be classed by Lloyd’s Register of the UK, and she will be registered and flagged in Malta.

The all-new MV Atlantic Mercy (working name) should be completed and delivered from the shipyard to her owners in 2017, and she will then be fully stored with all her medical equipment and hospital needs as well as the tons of crew requirements and so much more! When everything has been completed and she is ready to be deployed, this should take place early in 2018.

This especially designed ship will be capable of serving wherever she is needed in the world, but she will first expand MERCY SHIPS activities on the African continent where there is such a great need at this very time!

The Ships Hospital & Other Facilities:

The hospital covers most of decks 3 and 4, being approximately 7,000 square meters containing six large Operating Theatres, an ICU, and Intensive Care Unit, a comprehensive Clinical Laboratory, Diagnostic Radiology as well as Hospital supply and Pharmacy services. The Hospital will have an onboard capacity of 154 patient beds. The Hospital area also includes dedicated Classroom and Conference spaces as well as Medical Simulation Laboratories for more effective training. All pre-operative and post-operative care can be done onboard rather than ashore, which minimises the footprint when operating in busy ports. The new ship will more than double their annual medical capacity and she is designed to carry out a wide range of surgeries including, but certainly not limited to, maxillofacial reconstructive and tumour removal surgery, cleft lip and palate repair, plastics and orthopaedic surgery, cataract removal, and obstetric fistula repair, dental and ophthalmology.

Free surgery will be done on board to countless deserving men, women and little children who could otherwise well die!

MERCY SHIPS is a 100% volunteer based medical operation, with some of the finest doctors, surgeons

nurses and other staff and crew, all giving their time, and yes they do all rely on your kind generosity.

Friends, please SUPPORT this Noble Cause by DONATING HERE - NOW!


The MV Atlantic Mercy will have meeting and workspaces as well as berths for an average volunteer crew of over 600 and these will consist of families, married couples as well as singles. There are many design considerations made, all based on previous shipboard experiences and crew feedback and accommodations will be most suitable with ample and pleasant public facilities and dining rooms. In addition the ship will incorporate the latest and comprehensive technology for crew safety and security.

It is important to note that MV Africa Mercy will have a good 30 years left in her and she will operate together with the MV Atlantic Mercy (working name) when she is finally launched and sets sail!

Construction Phases:

The sequential steps in the building process include: Up to 16 months of detailed design work, construction of the hull, outfitting the accommodation decks/hospital and installation of machinery systems, extensive testing and trials prior to delivery from shipyard, installation of additional equipment and IT hardware and further tests prior to deployment.


Built by: China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation.

Built at: Tianjin Xingang Shipyard.

Main Engines: Diesel Electric.

Tonnage: 37,000 GRT.

Length: 174m - 570.10ft.

Breadth: 28.6m - 93.10ft.

Draft: 6.1m - 20ft.

Decks: 11.

Crew Capacity: 600 plus volunteers.

Registered: Malta.

Construction Updates:

Construction of the African Mercy is going well, as 52 massive blocks of the ship are currently in various stages of construction and all steel has been cut up to Deck 3. These are the most complex sections for the ship with all the tanks, machinery, and piping systems built in. Many of the machinery parts are arriving at the shipyard and next week the deck machinery will be ready for testing. The watertight doors are also being tested in Norway and then will be shipped to the Tianjin Xingang Shipyard in China.

I Am a Supporter of MERCY SHIPS I ask, will you Please HELP those who urgently need your help?

Do I need to say more?


Please SUPPORT this Noble Cause by DONATING NOW!

Please Note: Although the link takes you to the MERCY SHIPS Australian site, you can donate there for it will do the same thing

MERCY SHIPS Australia will Begin a Capital Raising Campaign to Pay for a Deck of the …

MV Atlantic Mercy - details to be Announced Soon!


“He who is kind to the poor lends to the LORD, and He (the LORD) will reward him for what he has done.”

Proverbs 19:17

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