MS Princesa Isabel Later: MTS Marco Polo, then Aquamarine, Odysseus & Lucky Star

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MTS Odysseus


Page Three


The Wonderful MTS Odysseus

Photograph by & Chris Taylor

The Epirotiki cruise ship, MTS Odysseus operated mostly 3 and 4 night cruises with a different itinerary on each cruise, thus providing the option of the ideal 7 night summer Aegean cruises. In addition, she also operated for several years on seasonal cruises in South America as well as in the Caribbean, which proved to be very popular. And with the Odysseus, being a ship in demand she was also chartered for various educational cruises.

However, this Page is mostly regarding Photographs that have been presen ted to me as well as a Odysseus Deck Plan, which you will find down the page.

Thus for those who have sailed on this much loved ship, the MTS Marco Polo or Epirotiki’s or Royal Olympic’s MTS Odysseus cruise ship, there will be some great memories to be found on this page! Therefore, just go and enjoy this wonderful page!

Email from an ex Staff Member on the Odysseus:

Quite some time ago I received a most welcome email from Chris Taylor, who worked aboard the Odysseus as part of the ships Entertainment staff as he was the ships DJ, for he was also the ships Comedian. However, he had one other special talent, for he was also the children entertainer, and the kids on board simply loved him. Thus, he had quite a great deal of work on board, as well as other duties during the day.

Chris was kind enough to provide me with a number of excellent photographs he took whilst on and around the Odysseus, whilst she was still with Epirotiki Cruises, which I personally feel was the ship at her very best, for once she came in the hands of the new merged company of Royal Olympic Cruises, sadly it all went downhill rapidly, thanks to a management who had no idea what they were doing!

However, Chris sailed on the Odysseus from 1990 to 1991 visiting fascinating places such as South Africa, The Union of Comoros, the Seychelles, Madagascar and Mozambique, thus he was able to visit many fascinating places.

He visited ports such as; Post Said, cruise the Suez Canal, Suez, Seychelles, Male, Fregate, Praslin, Aldabra Atoll, Comoros, Grand Comore, Anjouan, Madagascar, Nosy Be, Mozambique, Maputo and South Africa’s, Durban and obviously Piraeus of course.

Chris Taylor’s MTS Odysseus Photo Album

Please Note: The following images were taken by and are Copyright Chris Taylor!

Photographs may not be copied and used for any format unless specific permission has been obtained


Passengers returning to the Odysseus after a great day in another fascinating port of call


We are up on Hera Deck and looking forward towards the Bridge and her starboard wing


This is the portside wing and its compass


Looking aft from the Bridge along Hera Deck and the ships lifeboats 


Looking aft along Jupiter (Promenade) Deck whilst the ship is at sea


Everyone needs to relax sometime!


A corner of one of the lounges


A superb view of the ships stern with local Arab’s attempting to sell their wares to the crew

I hereby wish to thank Chris Taylor and all those who have been kind enough to provide additional images to these four pages, for those images have certainly added greatly to this feature. Thank you very much indeed!


Cabin Plan:

 Kronos Deck


Hera Deck 


Jupiter (Promenade) Deck 


Apollo Deck


Dionysos Deck


Venus Deck 


Poseiden Deck



Four further Epirotiki Images of the MTS Odysseus

Sent in by supporters of ssMaritime


A view from aft looking forward - port side


Unfortunately, I seem to have lost the details of the photographer(s) Above & below

If the owner will would kindly contact me again in order that I can provide full credit

I would appreciate that!


Her anchor chains and looking towards the Bridge 


On the Bridge



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