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Imperial Majesty Cruises

MS Regal Empress

 Ex MS Caribe, TSS Olympia


Deck Plan with Deck by Deck Descriptions Description

Sports Deck

The topmost passenger deck is Sports Deck, which is accessible only by external stairways. This deck contains s small gym and a half-court basketball court. This deck provides the perfect vantage point for taking photographs of departures and arrivals. 


Sun Deck

Amidships there are twenty six cabins and four suites. Aft there are two public rooms, the Commodore and the Mermaid Lounge. The Commodore Lounge is an intimate room, and the perfect for pre-dinner cocktails. Thankfully, this delightful room has retained much of the original character of when she was the luxury Greek Line Trans Atlantic Liner, TSS Olympia. Aft, on either side of the room, there are several steps down to the spacious Mermaid Lounge and Bar, which in stark contrast to the Commodore Lounge is bright room with touches of aqua’s, featuring magnificent etched glass panels, and metal-framed doors. The Mermaid Lounge is one of the later additions to the ship. Over the dance floor there is a large dome, as apparently this space had been a lido deck with a swimming pool. In addition, Sun Deck is surrounded by well maintained teak wraparound promenade. There is also ample space for sun baking.


Promenade Deck

Promenade Deck houses public areas aft, whilst forward is a large range of accommodations. Forward there are ten Verandah Suites, six open to the sea, whist four have enclosed Lainai’s. Just aft is the stairwell with two lifts and the Tours Office. Further aft again there are 32 deluxe cabins with large windows. As the fully air-conditioned glass enclosed promenade are on both sides of the ship, all windows have been mirror treated on the outside, affording full privacy, In addition, Promenade Deck also has five inside cabins.


The ships pool two Jacuzzis is located aft of Promenade deck. When built, the ship had three pools, one each for First Class, Tourist Class and one for the crew. Just forward of the pool, there is an outdoor bandstand, Pool Bar, and a Pizzeria. Indoors there is a card room, children’s playroom, and Internet café, as well as the elegant Library.



Upper Deck
The Grand Lounge is located aft on this deck. This room is more like a Night Club rather than a Show Lounge, yet the evening shows are held here. It is intimate as audience members are never more than 14 rows away from the stage. Aft of this lounge is the ships medical centre and deck space, which is the perfect place to view the wake of the ship. Just forward of the Grand lounge is the intimate Mirage Night Club and Disco.


The balance of this deck is mostly occupied by cabins, including two suites located forward. Located at the main lobby is the Information Desk and the Hair Dresser Salon, as well as massage facilities


Restaurant Deck

Aft of the lobby on the starboard side is the photo shop and gallery, which leads to the Caribbean Dining Room, which is a stunning restaurant. This room reveals the original beauty of the Olympia. This room has a magnificent raised ceiling, etched mirrored panels, wood columns, and various pieces of artwork. Large windows on both sides of the Dinning Room afford excellent ocean views. The large casino is located just aft, as well as two shops.


Main, A- and B-Decks
The following three decks are accommodation decks only.





Although Regal Empress has three lifts these do not service all decks. The forward lift connects all but the top deck, and the aft lift connects all but the top two decks. The third lift accesses only three decks. As there are stairs even from one lounge to another on the same deck, This is not the best ship for those with mobility problems.


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