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The Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company

P&O Line

RMS Strathaird

A promotional image of the two “Strath” sisters

From the Author’s Private collection


Page Two


Photo Page


Photographs and postcards on this page are of the Strathaird during her from her early day’s right through her latter days. She like all P&O ships of her time were well appointed in both classes as well when she was a one class liner and cruise ship, as the photos will prove.



Above & below: RMS Strathaird seen in Port Phillip Bay Melbourne, Australia

State Library of Victoria



First Class

The postcards seen below in the First Class section, were kindly presented to the Author to be added to my maritime collection and I am absolutely delighted to be able to present them on this page for your enjoyment! 

A spacious Sports/Boat Deck looking forward

From the Author’s Private collection

Please Note: I hereby wish to thank to thank Ruth Wilson for the wonderful collection of postcards that is originally part of her family collection, as some of them sailed first class on her at some time between 1948 and 1953. Thus that you kindly Ruth!

The envelope the postcards were still in, thus their perfect condition!


TSS Strathaird seen after WW2 and her refit completed in December 1947


The luxurious full width Main Lounge located on B (Promenade) Deck, far forward


The entrance to the Main Lounge – B Deck forward 


The elegant Smoking Room is ,ocated on the port side aft of the Lounge and the forward Lobby


The Reading and Writing Room is located on the adjoining wall of the Smoking Room on the starboard side


The cosy port side corridor lounge looking forward into the semi open Dance Hall, there is another on the starboard side



Above and below: The Verandah Café and Bar is located far aft on B Deck




A wide traditional covered B - Promenade Deck


A spacious Dinning Room was located amidships on F deck


The indoor Swimming Pool


One of the luxury Suites


The end of postcards provided by Ruth Wilson, thank you Ruth they are greatly appreciated!


 Other First Class Images

All photographs and images below are from the Author’s Private collection, unless stated otherwise


 A popular postcard sold on board – seen after her major refit with a single funnel in 1948


A single bed cabin with a porthole


A two-berth cabin with a porthole at the foot of the bunks


The Sports/Boat Deck looking aft is seen here in 1949


Tourist Class / One Class


The pleasant Lounge was located on E Deck, the Smoking Room on F Deck and the Verandah Café on D Deck


The Dinning Room was excellent and located on F Deck


A typical inside two-berth cabin


Other Photographs of the ships and Memorabilia


 Strathaird seen in Tasmania during her earlier days


A fine photo of the Strathaird seen from another ship

Photograph by & © Don Chapman



A Straithaird Presentaion-Plaque

Image sent in by Martin Davies


A Souvenir Badge sold on board the ship, this one was purchased on very last voyage in 1961 to England


A 1948 English made pewter TSS Strathaird tankard

Very kindly gifted to the author by Anke Henke of Germany – now part of the Author’s collection


She is seen her in the mid 1950s and looking simply supreme!


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