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MS Cunard Adventurer & Ambassador

Photo Page

Introduction to locating the Photographs!

Welcome to this very special page. I am well aware that very soon you will discover that this photo page is no ordinary photo page for it is far more that! First of all this page contains images that are part of a very exclusive collection of photographs and illustrations that were obtained from a variety of sources, such as: the ships maritime architect as well as their interiors designers. Other photographs are directly from the two Dutch builders in Rotterdam as well as from Cunard Line. Thus, I can assure you that these images ate originals making this page is very rare indeed.

You may ask, Mr. Goossens, how did you come by such an amazing collection? Well I am delighted to tell you!

Whilst I was researching these two remarkable ships, I discovered the availability of this superb parcel, which I discovered by accident. A good friend of mine Don Leavitt, who I have been dealing with for many, many years of sends out a monthly e-newsletter, and there were a few items available, thus I purchased them. I asked Don if he had anything else anywhere. Don advised me that he had searched his archives and found a considerable bundle and asked me if I wanted it, of course, I did, and this bundle now makes up my new sizable collection, which I am delighted to share with you all! However, Don Leavitt deserved full credit!

For those who are looking for maritime memorabilia, is without a doubt the very best place to visit and best yet you will discover that the prices are simply excellent, if not rather low! You can email Don at:

Reuben Goossens.

Maritime Historian, Author & Maritime Lecturer.

Commenced in Passenger Shipping in May 1960.

1. MS Cunard Adventurer 


Advance illustration of the profile of the Cunard Ambassador


A maritime designer’s impression of the two new ships – Cunard Adventurer & Ambassador


The Adventurer is seen being built by Rotterdamsche Droogdok Maatschappij N.V. Rotterdam, Holland 


A large model was created especially for Cunard to take on the road to promote the new ships


Cunard Adventurer is seen whilst on the North Sea during her deep-sea trails on August 28, 1971


A series of artist impressions were released of a variety of public venues

Above we see the delightful Sky Room far forward up on Sun Deck


Here we see an artist impression of the Main Lounge, or what would become the Mayflower Room on Boat Deck


Here we see the delightful Galleon Bar aft on Boat Deck

On the left is the plan as seen from above – right is the Bar looking to port


An adventurous for the time, but it became popular Lobby and Interior Shopping Gallery

On Columbus Deck – looking forward


Here we see the spacious Mayflower Room amidships on Boat Deck, looking aft



Above & below: Here we see several mock up staterooms for the Cunard management

to choose from for the Cunard Adventurer



The Cunard Adventurer is seen berthed


This photograph was released by Cunard America directly after the Adventurer was given the traditional Cunard funnel of red and black

This was done to make her more popular with the Cunard clientele, but sadly it just did not work for the Cunard snob’s!


2. MS Cunard Ambassador 


A photograph of the Cunard Ambassador model in water



Here we see another mock up of a stateroom for the Ambassador, but it was not chosen


The Cunard Ambassador was launched on March 16, 1972 at the P. Smit Jr Ship Yards

These are the Ship Yards official photographs!


Here we see the Ambassador just after her launching and heading for her fit-out berth

Note the missing bulbous bow-cone


Early in October Cunard-Trafalgar had made the above announcement to travel agents in Britain and the USA

The all knew her sister ship the Cunard Adventurer, thus they knew of the kind of ship that was about to arrive!


A wonderful photograph of the Ambassador whilst she was heading for the North Sea during her trials

Taken by the Cunard publicity agency


Here we see the wonderful and popular Galleon Bar


Ship‘s Staff entertain some children in the Sky Lounge


An unusual view of her whilst in port with several passengers looking on their home away from home 


The Ambassador meets the great SS Queen Elizabeth 2


Cunard Adventurer - Ambassador - INDEX


Page One: MS Cunard Ambassador

Including an Introduction of both ships!


Page Two: MS Cunard Adventurer

Including her next stage the: NCL’s MS Sunward II


Page Three: Photo Page

Exclusive images and photographs covering the Cunard Adventurer & Ambassador


Page Four: MTS Triton & MV Coral

Operated by: Epirotiki Lines & Lois Cruises 




Deck Plan 1: Deck Plans

MS Cunard Adventurer & Ambassador


Deck Plan 2: Deck Plan

MTS Triton


Deck Plan 3: Deck Plan

MV Coral



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