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With Dr. Reuben Goossens

Maritime Historian – Cruiser Reviewer in the Passenger Shipping Industry since 1960

Shaw Savill & Albion Line


The Corinthic Class Liners

S.S. Corinthic, Athenic, Ceramic & the Royal Yacht R.Y. Gothic

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Over the years Reuben has received thousands of Dear Dr. Goossens emails of thanks and on this page there are just some of them.

The following are all my Shaw Savill features on

1... SS Athenic Class Ships:       These three fine liners built in 1902/03 introduced two of the names on this page.

2… QSMV Dominion Monarch:       Shaw Savill’s Grandest Dame ever built!

3 SS Corinthic Class Liners:       Four fine ships built in 1947/48.

4… SS Corinthic Part Two:

5  Royal Yacht “R.Y. Gothic:       Currently being up dated, back online soon.

5 SS Southern Cross:                        A 23 webpage feature on a revolutionary passenger liner!


“Blue Water Liners sailing to the distant shores.
I watched them come, I watched them go and I watched them die.


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Where the ships of the past and the Luxury Cruise Liners of today make history.

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