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We trust that this photographic page will bring back many happy memories to those who have sailed on her during her forty-eight years of faithful service.


Photographs on this page are courtesy of well-known maritime historian Mr Peter C. Knego, who has produced six fine videos as well as a remarkable CD-Rom – “The Worlds Passenger Fleet.”


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ss OceanBreeze berthed at Ft Lauderdale

Now available … OceanBreeze on Video 


Left: Sun deck


Observation deck


When built, the Southern Cross revolutionised ship design forever, being the first ship to have her machinery and the funnel placed aft. The result being, a ship with a huge expanse of deck space, as seen in these photographs.


On both port and starboard, OceanBreeze featured three spacious teak decks, running from forward to aft, something not seen on the modern cruise ship.



Above: Promenade Deck – Below: Boat Deck




Atlantis Deck


Sun deck, looking forward


The elegant Mayfair Lounge


the 400 seat Rendezvous Lounge


Miramar Lounge


The Front (Pursers) Office on Atlantis deck


The Disco, which originally was the indoor swimming pool


Caravelle Dinning Room


South Pacific Card Room


The Bridge


The Bridge with her magnificent brass fittings were well maintained. In spite of the traditional hardware, OceanBreeze was well equipped with the latest navigation and safety equipment.


Lounge of the Owners Suite


Outside Twin bedded cabin


The accommodation on OceanBreeze was bright, comfortable, and in many ways unlike the modern cruise ships. She was a traditional ship, built with a wake (the curve from front to back), thus many of her cabins would differ is shape and size, whereas the modern ships has cabin modules that arrive at the shipyard and are hoisted on board by a crane then rolled into position, secured, and connected to services.


 Inside Double bedded cabin


OceanBreeze seen alongside a Royal Caribbean cruise ship.

Although she is a good 23,000 tons, she looks very much like the little big ship


What was so special about the Southern Cross/OceanBreeze?

ss Southern Cross is one of the last surviving Harland and Wolff built passenger liners, and she is a unique ship for three reasons.

1… She was the first liner built with her engines and smoke stack located aft, a feature that gave her vast interior and exterior deck space, as well as a unique profile. Before and during her construction, ship designers advised Shaw Savill that there was a serious design error in relation to the weight ratio, with her machinery being located aft. This soon proved to be unfounded, so much so, that today, all passenger ships have their machinery and funnels placed aft.

2… She was the world’s first all tourist (one) class liner to be built.

3… As Southern Cross did not carry any cargo, she was the first true Passenger Liner.

As the years have passed, it is obvious that all shipping/cruise companies have now adopted the revolutionary standards set by the remarkable ss Southern Cross.



ss Southern Cross the ship that changed ship design forever!
Photograph from the authors private collection


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Also available is Peter Knego’s … OceanBreeze on Video

All Photographs on this page (except for those indicated otherwise) are 1997-2003 by Mr. Peter C. Knego - Visit Maritime Matters and discover many of Mr Knego’s articles.


Peter Knego is a classic passenger ship preservationist, writer, lecturer, videographer, and photographer of passenger vessels has travelled the globe documenting ocean liners and cruise ships. Peter has produced six videos each with exterior footage of fifty liners in the series “The World's Passenger Fleet” (available in VHS video in NTSC and PAL formats). A CD-Rom is also available.

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The CD-ROM is an engaging historic narrative with over 2,000 photographs taken of some 300 passenger ships. The fully indexed CD-ROM is a must for who love passenger’s liners and cruise ships!



I trust you have enjoyed reading about this loved passenger liner. If you have sailed on her I would like to hear from you, and if you have any photographs I would greatly appreciate some, especially those of the interiors and out on deck. Email Me!

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